Friday, November 9, 2007

Home (I)

I didn't plan of going home this weekend. But I did. Who could resist a free ticket? Hehe...

After finishing my tasks of picking up my digital camera and delivering a white paper-wrapped passports I went home, exhausted by the whole journey. I barely get any rest in the bus and I walked as quickly as I could to get my digital camera just a few minutes before the store closed.

My energy drained and I couldn't imagine myself walking a couple of kilometers home from the train station, so I called home and Paris came to pick me up.

On the way home she asked me if I knew about Dad's flight date. Mom told me Dad and my Bro will fly on December 7. Paris was planning of letting her boyfriend's sister staying in our house for a while.

Paris told me something about her. She is a married woman with two kids and a once rich husband who was tricked by his best friend/business partner and lost some half a million bucks. And she is into another rich guy who just gave her a diamond necklace and heart-shaped chocolates and a card that said, "Thanks for agreeing to be my wife." And she was thinking of splitting with her husband. Divorce.

I am actually sick of hearing her story. She's stupid and ignorant and a bl**p. No matter how many people have told her that what she is doing is not right she still feels that "it is the matter of the heart" and won't take anyone's word. So why the hell did she ask for advice from people then? And she always want people to be on her side when clearly she was on the wrong side and people were trying to get her out of that.

Paris is inviting her for a stay just so she could console her and make her forget that rich guy. Probably they'll go somewhere having fun or anything. I hope by that time I can get myself a part-time job and I don't have to stay at home listening to any of this.

Matter of the heart. Bullshit. Everybody knows she only wants the guy's money. And everything happens right when her husband lost the half million bucks. She can always like a rich guy when her husband was still rich (she got tons of guys trying to get her before this) then why is the matter of the heart only matters when her husband is now almost broke because of the loss?

It isn't the matter of the heart. It is the matter of the wallet.

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-langkahbaru- said...

matter of money? er...soo true.huheh