Wednesday, November 7, 2007

London Bridge is Falling Down

I just found out that Ex #1 and Belle has broken up for like a month. And he is now seeing another girl. And all this while I thought that they were going to make it till the end.

And he has started smoking again since I don't know when. There goes all my efforts of keeping him away from the ciggies back then when I was with him. Right down the drain. It was not easy to make someone who was nicknamed "The Dragon" to stop.

Whatever. I don't know if he's not happy with the new girl. According to Belle, she has been controlling him to a certain degree. Maybe the girl feels insecure or jealous. Or maybe she's a psycho. Haha... Maybe he deserves a bit of what he's getting now. Belle said he was more miserable than he already did the last time she saw him.

I hope he'll be happy with the new girl. I'm over with the past that has been haunting me for the past years. And I hope Belle is happy with her life too. She'll find someone far better than him.

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