Sunday, November 4, 2007

Not Working

The phone is not working. It made me frustrated before, because of the stupid slow-loading memory. I often get troubles of replying messages just because I lost the carrier's network connection for like a second and had to wait for the phone to do whatever it is doing (I wonder why the phone kind of get restarted when the connection is lost) and stop displaying the message "Message storage memory not ready," and then I can use the phone. Urghh!

Last night I had worse. The phone applications would not load no matter what I do. Sad, because I depend a lot on the messaging features, and now I'm stuck with a phone that can hardly do anything. Maybe I can make a call or two if it's urgent. But that too will depend on my luck. I couldn't get the keys to work properly for me.

Solution: The phone must be sent to a shop to be checked and fixed. The phone is still under warranty, I guess. I only had it for like four months or so. But unfortunately the phone was bought somewhere in the Middle Eastern country, and I live in a South Asian country.

I'll have the phone fixed soon. I don't think I can last long without it. Now, where can I get the money from? *sigh*

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