Sunday, November 4, 2007

Writing History

Tonight we are going to be in the history of the College. We are going to record the College's Anthem. The new one. The one that is fresh. The one that is different from the version sung by the Staff.

Who are we? Well, practically the members of the Club. The one that has gone through a lot of changes since it was first made. Some are new members though. And most of us are going to leave the College soon, and this will be something we can be proud of. Come on, your voice is going to be preserved in the College's history and people will always need to refer to it for years to come. Isn't that great? And even if the Big People come up with a better version later, this is going to be the first officially and professionally recorded College's Anthem.

Well, the recording was scheduled to be on last Thursday but the studio encountered with some problems and they have to pick another day to do it. I was planning of coming home this weekend. I'm glad I didn't. Or else I would miss the whole thing. And boy, wouldn't that be sad?

About an hour and a half before I can eat anything. But I guess my dinner will have to wait. Maybe I'll have a cup of hot chocolate or something. Maybe some hot tea and some soup and bread. I need the calories. I need the energy.

Two hours plus before we are going to step onto the College's van that will drive us to the place. We're going to be in the College's history. Yeah!!!

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