Thursday, November 8, 2007

Going Home

I'm going home in a few hours. At no cost.

OK, maybe a little. I'm going to need some money to go home from the bus station. But I sure have saved a lot of money this time.

I have a free ticket home, thanks to AJ. One thing though. I need to deliver some documents or something to his mom. I agreed. Come on, how hard it could be to deliver something like that? I'll be at the station and his mom will get the documents delivered and I'll be heading to the LYP to get my camera back.

Now I don't have to find extra cash for the ticket home. Just the camera. I saved some $ 17 there. A trip to LYP and home.

I'm gonna ask Dad if he can give me the old car once I get my hands on my driving license. The car needs to be fixed. I'm not ashamed of driving an old car. I just don't want to drive a broken one.

And a new pair of shoes. Hehe...

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