Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ask Who?

OK, so this is a very bad inside joke.

I was surfing the Net, opening tons of pages simultaneously on my multiple windows of Mozilla Firefox (yes, I open a few windows of Firefox plus tens of tabs per window), when I landed on this old web portal that used to be my main portal.

I scanned for new contents but I found nothing special. And at the bottom of the page was a small box; a search box actually, with multiple engines to choose from. Some of the engine are some stuff from my past, I wondered if people still use them. Some names were acquired by Yahoo! if I remember well. Or at least the web hosting services were acquired by Yahoo!, but I'm not quite sure about the engines.

Oh, well. One of the names made me chuckled. Ask Jeeves. A stupid remark came across my mind spontaneously.

Ask Jeeva.

I'm sorry, it really is a bad joke. I didn't mean to joke about it. It happened spontaneously. Seriously. And there is no racial prejudice intended.

Jeeva is a classmate of mine. And Mary Jane's. Four years of being in the same class and he often get our name mixed up. He can never remember to match our names with our faces correctly. Even when we were at the Graduation Ceremony. But it became a nature to us, we just let him name us whatever names he wanted to give us. No point of reminding him of who's who. And people can rarely understand him when he speaks.

And that made me wonder what will happen if there exists an Ask Jeeva.


baam said...

ask jeeve.. although we found it couple of years ago.. but still jeeva is the legendary, that rocks his classmates...and give headache to many.. heheh
if there was a portal named "Ask Jeeva" then it could be a portal of
"Ask Jeeva , APA NI!!"..
where there is no point of asking him...

buTTerFLowEr said...

i know. i laughed at it b4 but when suddenly after all these years ask jeeve still exists and jeeva is still the same jeeva who can't even get people's name right, it's funny lah in a mean way :P

~n0n0i~ said...