Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm Back!!!

I'm back and I'm stronger than before.

No, I don't grow muscles over the past few weeks. I am still the same fat girl.

A message that came way too late actually hit me hard on my head. It was from a stranger in my Multiply, but it knocked the sense out of me. Something so true, I wondered why I didn't see it before.

"I did have wonderful times with my *lalala...* and my friends....I am happy with my circle of friends who love me now." --so what is the tears for?

why do we always get haunted by the ugly memories and forget the beautiful one's?

If only I know the mantra long before I had the past haunting me every now and then, I think I would have saved a lot of time and energy I had spent on dealing with the pain. New year is approaching and I have something good to hold on to if the past pays me more visits in the future.

Now, where is the scale when I need one? I need to monitor my weight.

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eri said...

u only live once..=)