Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm Sorry

The past week had been somewhat rough. I had a lot of things going on and practically everything I planned went bummed and I had very little rest. I lay down with my eyes shut but my mind ran around for some few distance before it finally felt tired and let me sleep. And I was pissed off on some issues.

I also blamed my mood swings on my hormones. The ups and downs made my mood swings uncontrollably, making me a true monster for the whole week. This is not right. You're doing this wrong. That is unacceptable.

I was grumpy, angry, and even less friendly than what I already am. The stress had forced the monster inside me to lend me a hand, and it had taken me over completely. Most of the time I was quiet, isolating myself from people around me.

At times when I had bits of energy left in the morning, I would be the normal me. And when the good bits of me were all used up, I rely a lot on the monster to keep me going through the day. And what a monster I became most of the time.

The changes had somewhat affected my social life badly. And yes, I noticed a lot of changes going on the whole time. I became an anti-social. It was pretty OK, considering that I really needed some space for myself. Or was it bad? I don't know how things works anymore: Was it things are going badly so I need some space for myself, or I need some space so I behaved badly so people will give me that space? Or was I feeling bad and I didn't want to let everything out on other people, I behaved badly so they will avoid me?

Now I had my head cleared and things going on pretty smoothly. And I feel a whole lot better now. But what's done is done and I can't reverse anything to make up for the whole bad things I have done. So all I can say now is sorry for my bad behaviour and my bad image for the past week.

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