Saturday, February 23, 2008


I'm pretty busy lately. There are lots of stuff going on. There were very little posts since a few weeks back. Looks like I'm having a boring life, huh?

Well, things were actually different from that. I can only say things of the past. I don't know whether the good vibes will continue or not. But things were pretty cool a few weeks back. Whether that is karma or cosmic balance (thank you AKAB for explaining about it) I'll take it all.

Some of the stuff I did but were left untold (at least not yet at the time this post is written):
  • I skipped going home on my mid-sem break (the longest continuous stay in College ever)
  • I drove the car around the town without any supervision
  • I did wall-climbing
  • I joined capoeira (and I'm the only girl)
  • I got my red plastic card (and I just got my Paypal and MoneyBookers account verified!)
  • I got some 30 cents payout (at least I know the program is real)
  • I'll be getting a new number
  • and I can get the old car now it's fixed! (the job should be completed by now)

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