Monday, February 25, 2008

When Nothing Means Everything

I've heard the same stuff before. And now I heard about it again.

I whined about my lost certificates again. Yeah, I did let it go once. But knowing that everybody else still have the chance to get their unclaimed certs while I can't (because the certs simply "don't exist" by mistake) brought the once buried pain. Yup. I need those certs.

For someone with such a good record on extra-curricular activities, losing a certificate or two means nothing. Sure, you have tons of impressive achievements. You can simply let go of a couple of certs or two because that would only add up to "There's too much stuff to see, I'll have to skip some" while Yours Truly only have a couple of certs that shows minor involvement in whatever things that she has joined and get some tokens of appreciation of.

In plain English and simple Maths: One of your stuff equals to 10 of mine. And you have more than one.

And I lost a couple of certs with quite some value to boost up my CV. Thank you.

Oh, did I mention I worked the Hell out for them?


Anonymous said...

hye there..if it that serious to u,why don't u dig this matter up?i mean,who's in charge of it?ask them rite away,can't u?

buTTerFLowEr said...

i already did. for one cert i asked the president lots of times. and some other people too. nothing with my name written on it *sigh* some others have the certs with their names written, only that they didn't pick theirs up so one girl kept them safely with her and now they can claim those certs if they care to do so

same case with the other cert. i asked the head. and another girl. and another who was supposed to keep all the returned certs. none for me. the cert existed for some times. there was a mix-up with the certs coz some receivers were absent so some certs went to the wrong names. they asked us to return the certs. i haven't seen mine ever since :(

now i just had this thought, for case #2 maybe someone received mine and didn't bother to return it and picked up his/hers so that person ended up with two certs and mine has probably been thrown away long long time ago