Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reserving Frustration for Some Other Time

I registered myself for a Liberty Reserve account. I thought it might be useful someday. Yeah, someday. I noticed some site that are accepting Liberty Reserve as a method of payment. So I thought, why not? It's free anyway.

I went through the hassle of confirming my e-mail address quite simply. Fill the e-mail address in the respective boxes, click "Submit" and wait for the Activation Code. Check e-mail, get the Activation Code, copy and paste the code into the box, click "Next". It's a no-brainer.

I was taken to the next page where I filled all the needed particulars. Account name, password, PIN, name, address, etc. Again, no-brainer. But time consuming. Especially the PIN; you have to key in the number using the virtual keys. The touch pad seemed like wanting to see me scream in frustration. The cursor ran around the screen the way it wanted, not the way i wanted it to. Done. Click "Agree".

And nothing happened. I was taken back to the page where I needed to fill my e-mail address and Activation Code. Repeat steps. Click "Next". Go to the next page. Fill in the particulars. Click "Agree".

Nothing happened.

Repeat steps. Blah blah blah. "Agree".

Nothing happened.

Repeat steps. No more checking e-mail for Activation Code. I had it carved in my mind. Enter Activation Code. Blah blah blah. "Agree".

Nothing happened.

Repeat steps for a few more times and that took me another day. And still, nothing happened.

And finally the imaginary light bulb began to flicker and fully light up a few moments later. And that was after some 50 hours of agony of filling the form (think of the frustration of Sisyphus).

Time to temporarily abandon my favourite browser, Firefox. Back to the Dark Age of Internet browsing, the Internet Explorer.

I repeated the painful process of filling the boxes with the appropriate information. Blah blah blah. "Next". Blah blah blah. "Agree".

The status bar showed some progress. I crossed my finger, wishing that it will work this time.

Much to my expectation, something did happen. Another page appeared with my account number and other details displayed in image format. I wrote down the numbers and saved a copy of the image (you are required to do so as none of the information will be sent by e-mail).

OK, so it finally happened. Registration completed. I tested my new account by logging in using Firefox. Well, it worked well. They should put some notice saying that registration doesn't work well with Firefox. Hurmm...

Then again, it happened to me when I tried to sign up for the Tune Card.

I'm wondering here. Do these people create the site without taking into accounts what people claim about Firefox (safer, faster, blah blah blah)? Or to they just stick to the ol' IE because they don't think that Firefox has THAT many users? Or because they feel it is simpler to just optimise the site for IE.

Whatever. I consider myself lucky I didn't throw away IE completely. Some stuff are better done the good ol' way.


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