Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cramming Session

I have two more days to undergo some extensive training before sitting for my exam. I have butterflies in my tummy the way I had them a year ago. Only this time, I am sitting for a different yet equally important exam. And I wish to pass this time.

We've had CCNA test simulations a bit too much, I guess. I feel like puking. Or maybe that is just my tummy feeling bloated especially in the cold lab (I'm practically freezing in here). They made me feel sick.

And oh, I haven't done my lab exercise yet. And the CramSession 42-page e-book and Todd Lammle's Study Guide. I haven't go through even 10% of the book (some 900 pages). And the binary table!

This is definitely not the time to whine about the dead computer. He's dead. Let him be. Just get over it.


I will definitely gain some few pounds back (or more) under this sort of pressure.

All for a certificate some people don't even bother try gaining. Some don't even understand why I wanted to take the exam. If anyone's going to ask about it, I'll definitely say: Personal satisfaction. The details? Well. It was a whole different thing I don't bother to tell anyone. It's personal.

Exam is on Friday. Will need a lot of luck.

Note to self: Study! Note to God: Please help me get through this. And please don't give me the hotspot and lab questions. Please let me pass the exam and get the cert. (Some text omitted to save space.) Amen.


EliteVillain said...

Hmm, what course are you persuing? Good luck in your coming exam =)

buTTerFLowEr said...

CCNA exam. And I passed! Yay!

I am now Cisco Certified Network Associate. WAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh*