Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Old T-shirt Test

I never believe when people say I look thinner than the last time they saw me. So every once in a while when I receive quite a number of it, I would put myself to a test. The almost ultimate test: The old T-shirt test.

The test is simple. I would put on the clothes I used to buy/wear before I grow expand to the new size. It is pretty tricky with old T-shirts though. The T-shirt will usually stretch after many washes, so to be fair I usually change a few times, trying a few clothes out to see if I really look different.

Just now I did that again. I couldn't find my old T-shirt from my Pre-U year (the T-shirt stretches over the years, probably a bit too large for the almost ultimate test) so I grabbed another T-shirt slightly smaller than it. I believe the T-shirt is slightly smaller than the one I wore a lot back then in Pre-U college and it doesn't stretch much thanks to the cheap material the factory is using. The passing mark is when I can fit into the T-shirt without looking "extremely desperate" or at least "desperate" trying to fit in a small T-shirt.

And the result is... (drum roll)

I passed!

And it was pretty scary. I can wear the T-shirt without having to see any unnecessary flesh (plus fat) trying to squeeze itself out near to the fabric.

And how could that be scary?

Try piling up lots of pounds throughout the years (I gained 15 kg in 4 years with lots of ups and very little downs) and losing (almost all of) them in a couple of months (and a little bit more). And you know that you're not losing them in the healthy way. THAT is the scary part.

I managed to squeeze in a T-shirt slightly smaller than the one I bought 5 years ago, and it really looked like back then: me in my small T-shirt. Now I believe why people said I'm a lot thinner than before.

I still need to lose some weight (plus fat) from the waist down. *sigh*

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