Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is one of MCR's song title. But this post has nothing to do with that song. Except for the fact that I can no longer listen to the song in my computer simply because my computer is dead. And perhaps there is a connection between the song (that is playing in my head) with what happened to the computer.

It is officially dead a few days ago. A few days after my proposed title for the new Final Year Project is accepted and a couple of days before my Cisco class started.

Yes. I desperately need a computer. For my FYP and the simulations for the coming exam. Yes. I need to run simulations of routers and switches and PCs and the connections and configurations before I can prepare myself for the real thing and the exam. Yes. I need to pass both the exam and the FYP. Back to square one: Yes. I desperately need a computer.

And I also need a computer for the whatnots (read: entertainment and stuff not related to anything educational). I need a break too.

Did I tell you that I need to cram some 900 pages and tons of simulations in two weeks? All for a piece of cert. *sigh* Oh. Also tons of binary calculations and IP addresses. I'm seeing lots of numbers now. I hate numbers.

Die a month before his fourth birthday. Sad, isn't it? But I guess my notebook lived long enough. (I forgot if I have given my notebook a name, but if I did, it surely is a male's name.)

In case you're wondering how the heck I managed to write this post: I can only access the Internet from the PC in the lab or my Roomies' notebooks when they are asleep. And no, I can't access my blog from the lab's PC. Derrick (the trainer) will surely catch me red-handed typing stuff during his class. Dead, man. Dead! (One good reason why I should pick the PC furthest from his desk, but sadly I didn't. I sit right next to his desk. Haha!)

To my Roomies, thanks for letting me use your notebooks. I truly appreciate it. :)

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