Wednesday, May 14, 2008


One very obvious proof that I am now thinner than expected: My newly bought jeans (only a few months old) is now like a sack hanging on my hips. Seriously. I bought a pair of jeans a few months back, a non-stretchable one only to expect myself (read: my hips and butts and thighs) to grow in it without overstrecthing the fabric and make it not wearable like the fates of some of my stretchable jeans.

I did grow a bit in it. As I carefully planned, the jeans don't stretch so I can wear it without having to worry about getting a pair of new pants to replace this. Well, actually I can see the stitches being pulled apart a bit too much but that's another story.

And guess what? Now I have to secure the jeans with my belt. The pants + belt look ugly coz I have to wear the belt like I wear a drawstring pants. Yuck. But that's the only way of doing it.

Sometimes I'm in my lazy mode, I wear the pants minus the belt. And that is when I really feel insecure. I have to wear shirt long enough to cover my undies from showing (sadly girls' T-shirts are made to be short until recently the mall is swamped with long T-shirts *sigh* sadly I don't have budget for some) and I always feel like my pants are going to drop by accident. Like what if I accidentally stash my stuff into my pocket in a manner a bit too rough my pants will drop? Or what if somebody pull my pants down? (Heck. I don't know where that sort of idea came from.) Or what if someone step on my pants and I walk and the pants just... (is that possible?)

I put myself on yet another almost ultimate test: The pant pulling test.

The test is done to determine whether my waistline has really expanded or shrunk or I just made either up. I had it done with a cargo pants with the waist bigger than the usual pants I wear. That particular cargo has proven my theory: I was thin before the test because the pants (at the time the test is conducted) sat comfortably on my hips without needing any help from a belt. Either my waist size has added up or my butts have.

Another method to be used in conducting this almost ultimate test is by pulling the pants down. Works great with pants from non-stretchable materials. This is to test whether I have slimmed down a bit or not. Best used to measure the size of my bottom without using the tape. I don't like tape very much coz it tells the truth (absolute number). I don't need the truth. I just need to feel good.

So one day (or was it night?) after having a meal and a chat with RD I did the test when I was about to change into my PJ. Just a bit tug and the jeans slipped off me. Whoaa... That is a bad sign. Too thin for my new pants. Luckily the pants were cheap. I think I need to buy a new pair. Wait... Do I really need a new pair of jeans?

My second test was done yesterday. I was about to go out for a dinner with my Roomies. A dinner not well-planned. I pulled up the same pair of jeans without undoing the zipper. YES! WITHOUT undoing it! And without sucking my stomach in to make me feel a bit thinner! I wiggled a bit in the pants only to make it stay securely on my pelvic bone. (Pelvic bone? Correct me if I'm wrong.)

So, from the tests conducted, it is proven that I am now thinner and I need new pants. Some of the old stretchable jeans have overstretched during the 'expanding' period so I can't wear them. Donations are welcomed. Leave me a note for my PayPal or AlertPay e-mail address.

Maybe I should put a "Donate" button somewhere. Hmm...

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