Friday, February 9, 2007


People around me are cheating. It's the midterm tests' week, it's understandable. Tiny pieces of papers are the greatest weapons for students. I don't have courage to do such things. I just don't know how. Haha... Silly me. Or else I could score better marks the previous semesters.

The midterm break is coming! Yay! Just now a guy asked me if I would be home for the one week holiday. He's asking me out. He already has a girlfriend, and he knows I already have my *lalala...*

I was planning to go out with my *lalala...* but his injury is worrying me. If he couldn't walk well then we'll cancel the plan spending some time together.

If I cancel the plan going out with my *lalala...* but still want to go out somewhere, spending some time with someone, I have this guy to keep me company. Could that be considered as cheating? Hmm...

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