Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rational Eating Day... Not! - Part 1

No, it is not misspelled. Not National Eating Day.

I started my day late. I slept at 5 a.m. and woke up at around 9. I lazed around for some half an hour, texting with two people (as a middleman) about a car key that was supposed to be returned earlier. I finally climbed down the bed at around 9.40, quickly took a shower and dressed up in a white shirt and black pants. The morning 8 a.m. class was cancelled. The next was at 11. My tummy was grumbling, sending me signals to be fed with food. The Cafe sent some food-smelling air to my room. I felt even hungrier.

I picked up the keys and headed to the Cafe. My hungry tummy was grumbling, this time even louder than before. The key owner wasn't there. I went to my room and waited. I got a text from Dawn. The Image Processing class is cancelled. A moment later he was at the Cafe. I handed him the key and went back to my room. I was thinking of getting some lunch but Dawn said she wanted to eat at 3 p.m. Oh, well. I'll just wait.

My tummy continued its ritual of today. I went through my locker for instant food. Some cream of mushroom soup with cheese. I never tried it before. I pulled a sachet from the box, grabbed a small mug and made myself a cup of soup. I didn't notice any cheese. Oh, well... The chunky mushroom chunks are good enough to satisfy me and my tummy.

Class at 12 p.m. We had some presentation in class. This time, a talk-like presentation. One is acting like a TV show host and one as a guest speaker. I didn't pay any attention to them. They talked like they don't really know what they are doing. "A web application uses web browser to connect to the Internet." What the bl**p does that mean? For years I've understood that web browser is an example of web applications, along with e-mail application, instant messager, search engine, Internet telephony, etc. Pardon me if I'm wrong. Yes, some utilise the browser but not everything must be done through a web browser. And nobody really cares (not even the Lecturer) to correct them. Whatever. My mind started to project negative thoughts about the class. "This class is a total waste of time. I should have skip it." Until half an hour later, the Lecturer announced that we still had some few minutes for a quiz. What?! Now, everybody was not prepared. We were given five minutes to revise the topic, but I didn't have any kind of notes or references to read. I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I finished the quiz, handed it back to the Lecturer. I texted Charlie. His class ended early. Aww... I was thinking of having some short chat with him. Whatever. I went back to my room and do nothing useful. A few minutes before the next class at 2, I took a quick shower. God! The heat is unbearable lately. I've had too many quick showers in a few hours for days.

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