Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine - Part 1

I'm going out with my *lalala...* on Valentine's Day. Yay! I just can't wait for the sun to come up.

My clock showed 12 a.m. I wished him a happy Valentine's Day. He didn't seem to be enthusiastic about it. Yeah, I know he doesn't celebrate this day. I don't either. I was only hoping that he would understand why am I so excited about today. This is actually my first Valentine's Day out with the guy I really love. Oh, wait. Last year, I was with him too. Only that he was with the GF that time. Wait, was it on the Day or the day before that? We (yours truly and *lalala...*, GF not included) went out together and bought pairs of Schwarzenbach's 'Couple T-Shirt', both black and white pairs. I took the white His and black Hers. He took the black His and white Hers. He sent the white Hers to her by postage the next day. Ouch. I was damn jealous. He said he was broke. What the hell was the T-shirt for? Where did the money come from? He was never 100% broke for her. If only she realised how lucky she is not having to know how he had to cut his allowance to save some money for her.

Back to today. The first was to kill my enthusiasm by responding like that. OK, fine with me. The next thing that was killing me was when he questioned me on the things I thought he already knew. He asked me whether I have had sex before. Hell no! With that "No" came the reply, "Stop kidding. Tell me the truth." Double ouch. I wasn't kidding. I thought he already knew things about me and already accepted the things I told him. Bl**p. And why the bl**p does he have to ask me on the Day?

He called a few moments later, saying he was sorry. The stupid, sentimental me just melted at his voice. He told me about things people said about me, and how he felt about them. He said he asked me to know the truth. I was OK a few moments later.

I have a few hours before the time we're supposed to meet up. I guess I need to sleep a bit earlier than usual. Hmm...

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