Friday, February 2, 2007


Somebody else read my blog. Other than the two who I knew. Yup. He found mine through a link from a friend's friend's blog.

I only figured that out when he said he read my blog. He asked if I had any, so I gave the link to mine. A few moments later he said he already read it. I was puzzled for a while. I thought he read my posts in my Multiply (these two are linked). Turned out he read THIS one, the one with pink background and all.

He was a friend I knew back then in my first year in College. Online buddy, with some few bunch of guys. And he is my former Roomie's classmate. I appreciate he appreciates my blog in English (my English is not good, OK, and I'm still learning). And yeah, we both love expressing stuff in English. The words are easier to flow out of the brain straight to the mouth. Or in this case, the fingers. Bl**pings are a lot easier in English, without the words sounding weird. Hehe...

He helped me choosing a profile picture. Yay! I was thinking of revamping my blog someday. It will still be pink. To keep my anonymity. Hehe... The picture is sort of a first step. I'll do more later. I did do some search on free Blogger templates on the Net, but I was thinking of putting my HTML skills to use. I'll figure it out later.

I guess it's an OK thing actually, letting other people reading what I write in here. Getting anonymous comments would be nice, especially if I have troubles over things or anything else.

Maybe I'll need a tracker. A counter or something.

Maybe not.

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