Friday, February 16, 2007


Finally my long-awaited parcel is here. Brian sent me a parcel a week ago. Wait. Was it a week ago or more? I think more. Anyway, it was in the Main Post Office on Valentine's Day, February 14. luckily V day is not a holiday, or else it would take longer to reach me. Hmm...

So, what does this parcel looks like? A white-and-blue cardboard cube. A box. No special wrappings of any sort. Some handwriting scribbled on top of it, a green piece of paper on the side. The date was February 7. So it was over a week ago. Sounds unfamiliar with how the parcel looks like? Well, this one came all the way from the US. Things are different there than here.

Anyway, it was sealed with clear cellophane-tape. I took a blade and cut the tape open. Inside are some bubble wraps, red in colour. The first thing I took out was a web cam. A small one-eyed alien lookalike with a tripod stand (almost like the aliens in War of the Worlds, only with a lot shorter tripods). A Creative. One of its leg is broken. That wasn't so bad. It's still working just well (well, that's what Brian told me).

I searched for something else in the box. Yeah! It's there. A blue Fujifilm jewel-cased CD. The Enemy Remains. Six songs from the Enemy Remains, all the way from the US, for me! I popped the CD into the drive. The songs are, well, loud. I used to listen to those kind of songs, but now I don't feel like it. Maybe later. I listened halfway through the third song and stopped.

My brother was home. He discovered the box. He just couldn't believe that it was from the US. Especially when I said it was from somebody who is really a resident there, born and bred there. Not some friends who is studying there. A free web cam from the US? Haha... My brother popped the bubble wraps. No way! They're mine!

There are some installation CD and a manual included in the box. I don't feel like going to have a look at them. Later. First I have to figure out how to make the web cam stands properly.

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