Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Flirting is Not Cheating. Or... Is It?

I chatted with this guy from the US. Connecticut? I'm not so sure. He seems OK. Just another guy flirting with Asian girl. Bla bla bla... Anyway the name is Brian Doyle.

Anyway he's in a band (lemme check the band's name. But then again, later!) and I added the band in my friend list in Myspace just for fun (I was bored, I didn't even check how they sound like) and suddenly this guy (he's the bassist I think) messaged me and I ended up adding his personal profile. He asked for my ID on MSN and Yahoo just so we can chat. Fine with me, but I can't login to both, and so I gave him my GTalk and Skype ID, just in case he has any.

Guess what? He tried really hard and created IDs for both! I'm not really flattered (it's kinda scary actually) huhu~ Well, we've been chatting for two days straight now. And he already said that he will post me his old webcam (one of the leg is broken) when he gets a new one. And he already did get a new one yesterday! I'm going to wait for the old one to arrive (I'll get the band's CD too!) Hehe...

Wait a sec. Chatting is not cheating right? Not until you come to this part:
We chatted like "Hi" and all... Just some normal conversations. Until we came to the 'more normal' conversation. He flirted with me and tried to turn me on. And he went further by saying something like he doesn't go on webcam showing his stuff to girls but he'll show it to me (am I supposed to be flattered? Hey, I'm among the chosen ones. Hehe...) Guest what mister. I already have my *lalala...* and he has good stuff and I'm more than pleased to have him with me now.

He knew about my *lalala...* and at times I left my computer in the middle of our chat and I returned and said "Sorry, my bf called just now," when the truth is I called him. Hehe... But it was his ka-ching. I don't have any ka-ching to spend on topups right now (plus, I'm still waiting for my RM 210 worth of topup codes as my New Year gift, not from my *lalala...*)

(If you're an underage, or a legal but innocent adult, please skip the following part. If you're an underage but are regularly exposed to you-know-what, you may proceed.)
I know nobody's going to pay attention to the warning.

OK so Brian is nice enough not to ask me for some cybersex moment. Not even once. I respect him for that. Dude, you're cool (we'll see how far you can stay cool and not crossing the line) The only thing he asked is to watch him play. And maybe someday turn my webcam on for him, dressing sexily so that he can watch me watching him play. Haha... So I just say OK but when he starts playing I just do some stuff and wait for his messages (in case he's checking whether I'm paying attention to the stuff or not!) but I don't think he'll ever push me to the point where I have to do things I don't want.

Anyway, I'm cool about this kind of things. Not that I like seeing them or talking about them (Note to my *lalala...*: Be patient) but I'm OK with it. But I have my own exceptions: No guys from Malaysia please! (except for my *lalala...*, but then again, he's not that kind of guy) Guys from the US are OK. I've had some games with Mr. Tender for about two (?) years and it was fun (and funny!) Haha...

Why won't I say yes to Malaysian guys? Especially Malays. Coz they are usually perverted desperados trying hard to hit on girls, they merely using the girls for pleasure. Yes, so does the guys from the US. But hey, the guys from the US knows how to treat girls. They tried to turn the girls on so both parties will enjoy the game. Malay guys only care about themselves, they hardly care about the girls (they should really get some blow-up dolls or the little sleeves so that they won't leave the girls feeling disappointed, if any) It shows. And the worse thing that follows is the guys will keep on begging for the girls to stay and entertain them. Ughh!!! Please...! Somebody please teach them the meaning of NO!!!

(Note to *lalala...*: I love flirting with you. I would prefer flirting with you every time. Maybe we should do it more often :P I'm being emo lately, sorry! Hope we can still spend some time flirting, I know you're going to be busy, me too... :( *hugs* and *kisses*)

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Burn said...

Sorry I think U r being too generalising. Not all Malay guys are like that. I think all guys are d same whether from US, Malaysia or Indonesia. Perverts will always be perverts, jerks will always be jerks. Most of my friends are a great guy. If we were to generalize we would say all Malaysian girls are gold diggers, materialistic and heartless