Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Need a Break

I had a lot of some tasks in my lists. I was mentally tired. I took some full-of-disturbance 10-minute nap. My Roommate should learn to keep her voice down. I'm not a regular 10-minute-napper-in-the-middle-of-the-night type of person. I needed to stay up through the night. I needed some break!

I slept early last night, at around 3 a.m. The morning class is cancelled, but I have Group Meeting to attend. I installed my trusted (so far) antivirus software in Ij's notebook and left the stuff to work while I'm sleeping. It took me a while before I finally dozed off.

I woke up at 7.30. God! I rushed to the bathroom and spent some usual 20 minutes in the shower. I quickly rushed to the Cafe. Luckily the Group decided to walk a short distance to the Cafe instead of the Library, or else I would be like 10 minutes late. I was late anyway. They started early. I took a seat next to Jo. I apologised for being late. Well, I was actually right on time. Or else I would be penalised - buying some drinks for them. I don't mind paying. I just don't want to miss anything important.

9.33 a.m. Somebody knocked on the door. I felt like the door was about to be knocked down. For a moment I was stunned. It scared me. I felt slightly confused. Who was that? Certainly she's not someone who is used to the room, banging on the door like it was a 1-inch solid-wood door. And yeah, it gave me the feeling like someone is about to raid the room.

I calmed down a bit and continued working on my project. I still couldn't figure out a lot of things, and my time is running out.

A few moments later the clock showed 9.50 a.m. I had an appointment with my Supervisor for the weekly meeting. I didn't have anything to show to him, but he was OK with that. He reminded me and my partner on the time constraints. I know. We will be damn busy later, and if we don't have any positive progress now we won't have enough time for later.

It was almost 11 a.m. We went to the class. I felt sleepy (-_-) I sat at the front row, I bet the Lecturer saw me sleeping. Hehe...

The class ended early. I headed to the next class. I didn't have to rush, I had plenty of time. I waited for the classroom to be empty. Hmm... It's going to take them some few minutes. I sat down and continue the Monster Sudoku game I left last week. I don't have the time to spend a lot on Sudoku lately.

A few minutes later people were walking out of the class. I took my seat at the middle/back row and continued on my Sudoku. I didn't pay much attention in the class. It was Chapter 1, the introduction. One in a while I raised my gaze from the Sudoku and stared at the screen. Oh, just another slide. The same I read last year.

The class finished early. I walked out. I decided to skip mu lunch today. I walked to the Residence with the Sudoku in my hand. People were walking slowly. I walked past them without looking up.

Now I'm in my room. No more Sudoku. I checked on the progress of Ij's notebook. I'll take a few minutes nap before the 2 p.m. class.

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