Friday, January 5, 2007

What a Relief!

Ahh... What a relief!

I'm bad at time-managing. I spent some few hours doing nothing and the next few hours trying to finish everything and catching my minimum sleeping hour.

I was trying to create a poster-like announcement for the club. We're going to have our first meeting on Monday night. And we're still hoping on late registrations. The more, the merrier! I already have some stuff in mind, and I did try to do it earlier. But I waited for the text, so the task has only begun a few hours back. I had some photos from last sem selected to be in the announcement (thank God I don't have to select the photos myself!) and the text, and all I have to do was getting all of them stuffed into an A4-sized page.

I was half-way of finishing the poster when suddenly the Sleep Fairy paid me a visit. Uh-oh... I knew this was going to happen. I texted my *lalala...* and he asked me to catch a nap and he said he'll give me a wakeup call a few minutes later.

I woke up earlier than his call, and I called him. We chatted for a while. He was about to sleep. He's going home tonight. Aww... I thought we planned to go home on a same date someday later so we can spend some time together afterwards. But he has a strong reason for doing that - he left the Library's book at home and so he had to make the quick decision without a proper planning. Yes, I can just buy a ticket and go home, but I don't have enough ka-ching right now. I'm saving for a later trip. He was tired and he has morning classes, so we stopped early (it was 1.20 a.m. and he needs his 8-hour sleep)

I continued working on the poster. I was running on Lazy Mode, so I saved my work (in Photoshop) and continued the rest in Photoshop Element. I cropped the photos using the cookie-cutters, resized and arranged them at the edges of the page, use simple font for the text, and WALLAH...!!! A 'poster' that should works fine in telling people about the first meeting we're going to have, and some happy-looking club members, that might make people feel interested in joining. Haha...

I need to sleep. I have morning classes (yawn!) Nite!

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~n0n0i~ said...

nice poster!!
suke suke..... =)