Sunday, January 21, 2007

There Goes My Meals...

Warning: This is going to be yucky. Very yucky. Read at your own risk.

Yesterday I woke up late. It was raining the whole afternoon. I went out to the town anyway. The bus was late. Well, better than none, I guess. It's a good thing I took the bus to town, actually. I need some exercise. Most of my girl friends are lazy to use their little feet to trot down the streets, preferring to step on the gas pedal instead.

Anyway, the whole trip was short. T-shirt printing company (price quotation on Monday, then we'll start our T-shirt project. Yay!), the Mall, a trip to McD (my first Prosperity Meal this year!) and some mini shopping trip, and home (back to the Residence). The rain caused me headache the whole day. Maybe I should get a cap next time.

Charlie went out with his friends. He watched the movie The Sinking of Japan. I thought we are going to watch the movie together! He was pretty surprised when I said I was at the Mall. When I was there he was already heading to the Cinema.

Maybe I made a wrong choice eating the Prosperity Meal. I ate the black pepper sauced burger with some dashes of extra peppers. And the orange-peach sundae! And the large Orange McFizz! My tummy was upset for a while. Walking after the meal helped me to feel a bit better. Luckily the bus trip wasn't really bad.

Back to my room, I took a shower. The Club's plan - a dinner - was waiting. I was a bit late. We went to the diner - a simple place opposite a beach (I've never seen the water though) packed with people, especially on weekends. Luckily Queenie had already booked a place, with some food already ordered, so our food came early. We ate, we chatted and joked. The usual us. We were the loudest patrons, I guess.

We ate a lot last night. I ate a lot last night. Some crazy mix of seafood, fish, chicken, and a giant glass of pineapple juice. I also popped in some Iron and Vitamin C pills. I upset my tummy once more, this time worse than during the day.

The trip back home was long. I already warned my friends not to pull some stupid stunt in the car. I kept my head low most of the time, complying the gravity. I felt better a few while later when we almost reached the Residence.

I stepped out from the car. Uh-oh... Wrong move. I guess standing up immediately is not the best thing to do when the tummy is upset. I walked slowly. Fighting the gravity is hard. I almost reached the Residence when I knew I couldn't hold it any longer. I wanted to run to the toilet, but I knew it was impossible, and it was too late. My tummy content was on the floor the next moment.

I went to the nearest pipe. I let the rest out. My nose was full of the meal I ate. Half digested. Eww... I hope the meal didn't enter my lungs. I ate some amount of chillies at dinner, it would be very bad if the spicy, hot capsaicin burned my lungs. Ouch! At least the bad taste didn't linger in my throat afterward. Only my nose.

I decided to sleep early, but failed to do so. My *lalala...* also suggested the same. It was half past 1. I SMSed him saying I couldn't sleep. I felt better when he said he'll accompany me. A hug from my *lalala...*, my head on his lap, his hand patting my head as he watched a movie, and a few moments later I was in the dreamland.

I had some unpleasant dream. I woke up at 8.30. My tummy was OK, my head wasn't. I checked my phone. He texted me last night at around 3 checking if I was OK. I SMSed my *lalala...*, but I didn't send the text. I fell asleep once again.

I woke up. It was almost 12. I climbed down the bed and sat in front of the computer. I chatted a few while and went to the shower. Uh-oh... My tummy wasn't completely well. I went to the toilet. Out my meal from last night.

I had lunch after shower. I guess I picked the wrong choice again. Some hot stuff in my meal and my tummy went to it's ritual of the day. It grumbled furiously. Uh-oh. Another trip to the toilet. Down the drain my food went. Maybe I should pick something for my tummy instead of for my taste buds.

And as I am typing this entry, I couldn't help but feel that I need to visit the toilet more today.


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

shiyan dia...
lupe nk pesan...kalau xlarat makan, jgn paksa2
skang oki da?
len kali makan nasi air @ bubur je

buTTerFLowEr said...

bkn x larat laa. mr *lalala...* pn ckp mcm tu gak smlm. bkn x larat laa... ok je... huhu~ smlm sume bnde acidic masuk perut :P