Monday, January 8, 2007

Short Sunday

I woke up late. Waking up late on Sunday mornings are normal. Sunday morning? Heck! I almost missed the afternoon! Haha... I slept a lot. I stayed up late, finishing my Assignment. I don't remember the time my head hit the pillow, but the Sun was up and everybody else seemed like they're ready to start the day.

Good night~ Zzz...

My Sunday started late. 2 p.m. shower when I was supposed to have it in the morning. Then lunch when people are having tea-time. Super late lunch? Or super early dinner. Whatever. As long as I ate something for the day. I don't really care about my eating habit (where, when, what...)

Nothing much happened during the day. I planned to meet S when he arrived, but he wasn't feeling very well and had asked his friend to pick him up. Poor guy! He fell sick often lately.

Queen of Clubs had to attend a meeting with some Even Bigger People. Anyway, I asked her if I could follow. She gave me the green light. She hates this kind of meeting herself. We decided to come together and spend the time there chatting or doing whatever thing we feel like doing. And we did. Hehe... Yeah, the meeting was boring. Nothing much to do with the Club. I'm glad the Club is cool enough we did our activities underground :P And will do it again! Hehe...

The Even Bigger People suggested a T-shirt design for the club (the Club is a sub of the club) so we're going to have the same design for everybody. The design suggested was taken from a rejected cancelled idea. But some people objected. So there will be a selection for the design, to be submitted before the end of this month. Maybe I'll submit something. Hmm...

Quick notes:

Nj dropped by yesterday (Saturday night) just to say hi and have some chat. Aww... so sweet of him... is now on Myspace! Yeah! The profile is in red and white, just like the blog.

I put a Shout Out section in my page. I'm working on getting the Shout Box to fit into my page nicely. Feel free to use it. I'll reply whenever I can.

I have some stuff to do. Group presentation in tomorrow's class. I just got a group (I'm a leftover) and now I think I should start working on it (-_-)

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