Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Wishing for a Night Sleep

The Club's first meeting went well. Many new members turned up. I went to the meeting late (-_-) huhu~ I was thinking of going early but somebody took me as a hostage and asked me to stay until after she finished her dinner. Haha... (Dear Phi, if you're reading this, yes, it's you!)

Everybody was cool enough last night. The Seniors (us!) taught the Newbies some songs we used to warm up. The Newbies were cool to follow us and do the Lalala thing. It felt weird though...

*Flashing back to the memories of SH:05/06:

We joined the Club, met the Coach, learned a lot of things from him. The Coach was not always there for Us, but he had taught us enough. The Club had trips to many places, and each We enjoyed being together.

Many of Us had taken the Club as a personal thing. No longer it's just a Club, it's a Family. Ups and downs together. We had lots of fun. And We hoped to keep it that way.

Our practice were usually accompanied by the keyboard, played by Our beloved musician, G. He can play more than just the keyboard. And is very talented. With a talent like his, who needs professional music classes just to play the basics? We started with the very basic voice practices and gradually added more.

*And now back to Now:

We didn't have the keyboard and the person capable to play it. So the warm up demo was quite a mess. Haha... But at least the Newbies got the idea what it's going to be like. Some who had joined Us earlier helped with the demo. Thanx you guys! (^_^)

And We had a special guest coming! Our beloved Mo, came to see how things are going. It was a great surprise (^_^) I mean, we know how busy he is now, we didn't expect him to show up and join us. I hope we were good enough, he could leave the Club knowing we can handle it pretty well. A special salute to him, for dedicating his time to build up the Club and the Family as it is now. And for trusting us. Hehe... He made us work hard (on our own) At first I thought he was mean not to help us a lot (yes, we relied on him A LOT!) but now I think he's a great guy for letting us do things on our own.

The meeting was over pretty quick. I headed to the Cafe. Charlie was waiting for me. He had some trouble with his notebook. I'm his free computer-fixing center. People thought we sat there for some lovey-dovey thing. No. He was worried about his computer. Fixing a notebook is not cheap. And Charlie can't afford paying some large sum of ka-ching for some minor problems. I know that. He didn't put the pressure on me though. He said I can check his notebook whenever I'm free. I know he needs it fast.

The night was cold and strong wind started to blow. The rain started drizzling. Charlie quickly excused himself. He didn't want to get caught in the rain. No more fever please.

Nz was here earlier, when I was with Charlie. Charlie left and I saw Nz nearby. I thought it would be rude to ask him to sit and have some chat while he was with his friends. He was there with no particular reason. He wasn't dragged to come over, but he did, apparently because he wanted to meet us, and the rest of the Club. So we sat at an empty table nearby, chatting. Queenie joined us too. And Mo. We thought Mo had already left. He was with us for a short moment though. He needed to wake up early to work.

It was almost midnight when Nz's friend wanted to leave. Short goodbyes and I was in my room. I took some time to have a look at S's notebook. The problem is exactly like what he said. I ran some tests to figure out what the problem is. He requested for it to be reformatted. And so I did. I spent my whole night looking at computer screens, mine and his. God! I need to take care of my eyes. I think I'm going to need a pair of spectacles really soon. I checked his, and installed Matlab in mine. My computer needs some vacation.

The morning light visited the windows when I'm finally done with S's notebook. I still need to figure out how to enter the BIOS. I failed. I skipped that and left mine with Matlab installation. I was glad the day's class was not until 2 p.m.

I had some hot choc and now ready to take my daily dose of needed rest. I'm off.


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

hey honey~

i felr really good that night
where we get to meet our juniors
and i was hoping that they'll be as fun as we were before
with the veteran artists =P

hm..1 thing i wanna tell u
hey adek~
tido awal la
jgn tido lambat hari2
kang pucat jek
kalau degil2 meh akak cubet~

buTTerFLowEr said...

haha... ye laa ye laa... nnt ak tdo awl skit. hehe...

hope SH will always b happy2 slalu x kire laa sape yg ade or xde dlm SH (ppl come, ppl go... memories remain)