Saturday, January 13, 2007


by L'Arc~en~Ciel

Nakanaide nakanaide taisetsu na hitomi wo
Kanashisa ni tsumazuite mo shinjitsu wo miteite ne
Sono mama no anata de ite

Daisuki na sono egao kumorasete gomen ne
Inotte mo toki no nagare hayasugite tooku made
Nagasareta kara modorenakute

Aa odayaka na kagayaki ni irodorare
Saigetsu wa yori wo yume kaeru mitai dakara me wo korashite saa!

Anata no sugu soba ni mata atarashii hana ga umarete
Komorebi no naka de asayaka ni yureteru

Itsumade mo mimamotte agetai kedo mou daijoubu
Yasashii sono te wo matteru hito ga iru kara kao wo agete

Nee tooi hi ni koi wo shita ano hito mo
Uraraka na kono kisetsu aisuru hito to ima
Kanjiteru kana ?

Aa watashi no kakera yo chikara tsuyoku habataite yuke
Furikaeranaide hiroi umi o koete
Takusan no hikari ga itsu no hi ni mo arimasu you ni
Anata ga iru kara kono inochi wa eien ni tsuzuite yuku

Aa ryoute ni afuresou na omoidetachi karenai you ni
Yukkuri ashita wo tazunete yuku kara
Watashi no kakera yo chikara tsuyoku habataite yuke
Furi kaeranaide hiroi umi wo koete

English translation:

Don't cry, don't cry your precious eyes
Even if you're stumbling in sorrow
Just look at the truth
Please stay the way you are

Sorry for clouding that smile of yours that I love
Even if I pray, the flow of time is too fast
And I've drifted too far to return

Oh, be colored in the brilliant radiance
It seems that time turns the nights into dreams
So strain your eyes, see!

Right next to you
A new flower is blooming once again
It sways brilliantly in the light through the trees

I want to always watch over you
But it's all right now
Because there's someone waiting for your gentle hand
Lift up your face

Is that person who fell in love so long ago
Even now, in this bright season
Still moved by the one they love?

Oh, pieces of me
Fly reassuringly
Don't turn back, cross the wide ocean
That one day
There would be much light
Because you're here
My life will continue through eternity

Oh, that these memories overflowing your hands
Would not wither
As you slowly visit tomorrow
Pieces of me, fly reassuringly
Don't turn back, cross the wide ocean


It was a boring Saturday. I woke up late. It was around 10 a.m. I cleaned up my space. I'm not a tidy person. My space was still in it's not-so-tidy state. At least the floor now cleared from unwanted items. I took my shower. Brrr... The water was damn cold lately.

I sat in front of my computer. My eyes stared at the screen. My mind was somewhere else, lost in its own world of nothingness. I plugged my mp4 player's earphone. It played some songs. I skipped some. I didn't feel like doing anything.

The player played a song. It was Pieces, by L'Arc~en~Ciel, my fav Japanese rock band. It was converted from the video clip. The conversion ruined the song, the tempo was somehow faster, like a remix. It made the song sounded weird. I listened anyway. The video clip played in my mind:

It tells a story of a dagger, happens in a century's period.

Sicily, 1899. A loyal butler came to his old master. He whispered a few words to the master, and then stabbed him with the Dagger. He was shocked from his own act.

London, 1927. A couple was in a shop. The Dagger was in a wooden box, together with some metal items. The shopkeeper was cleaning his glasses. The guy took the Dagger and stabbed his girl. Blood was dripping from the Dagger. The shopkeeper put on his glasses.

Warsaw, 1940. A soldier lied face down on the ground, dead. A boy was standing next to his body, looking up to the sky.

Hong Kong, 1964. A guy was being chased by some men. He hid inside a building and took a little girl hostage on the top floor. He was scanning the bottom floor for any signs of the men, and was stabbed with the Dagger. Blood dripped from It.

Chicago, 1972. A small boy was riding his tricycle when he found the Dagger lying on the dirt. A woman (his Mom?) was calling out for him. He rode to her. She fell down, dead on the ground of her compound. He rode away.

New York, 1999. The band walked on the streets of NY. Hyde stopped in front of a guy with the Dagger. He bought It. The Dagger exchanged hands. The band went into a building. They went through a spinning glass door. Tetsu was walking in when he suddenly dropped on the floor. Hyde was behind him. There was no guilty feeling on his face.

What is the story behind the Dagger? It took away the life of the person you love. It made innocents kill. I always wished I knew what it was about.

The song always stir me up. I never know what the song is about. I searched for the lyric, and the translation. The clip, the lyrics and the song itself, each has its own strength.

I sank into a world of emptiness, where my mind isolated my body and the busy world around me turned silent. I wished the Time would stop so I can stay longer in this silent world. I realised that I wished for such moments more frequently now.

Something snapped me back to reality. Back into my room. I was in front of the computer. It was 3 p.m. Nobody noticed me, or my mind travel to another world. I acted like nothing happened. Late lunch/early dinner for me today.

Get yourself a Pieces here. (Ermm... You get what I mean, right?)


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

brangan jak ni
bkn wat keje pun
isk isk
nakal btul!!!

~n0n0i~ said...

tergugat ni..
blik ecah dah kemas..
bila la plak blik aku nk kemas..

buTTerFLowEr said...

haha... ye laa... berangan laa jap. tgu korg lmbt nk mnganjing :P

noi jgn jeles. so far ak dh bertahan a few days nih. hehe...