Thursday, January 18, 2007


Sleeping late and waking up shocked that I'm late for classes is now like a trend for me. I have to admit, I broke my resolution of wanting to get regular sleep hours so I can wake up early. And I can give my *lalala...* a wake-up call every morning. That would be nice. I haven't done that for some time now. Haha... Most people who know me know that this is like a joke. I never sleep early. The earliest would be after dawn, and that's because I spend the night not sleeping.

What made sleeping regular hours late at night and waking up early is not exactly impossible for me? Well, unlike the regular 8, I just need some 6 hours of sleep. 4 would be sufficient enough if I can't get some 6. But yeah, I'm a loser. I would take some extra hours of sleep on weekends. Bad me... Baaaddd me...

Anyway, I slept late last night. Not really late, but maybe because I just had this "don't feel like it" feeling. I finished some document editing. I had some cereal drink before going to sleep. I climbed up my bed at around 4 a.m. and closed my eyes. It didn't take me long I guess before I fell asleep.

I woke up at 8. Late for class again. I rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, pulled a white shirt from the wardrobe and dressed up. One hour of early morning class and I can get a peaceful morning shower next. Or so I think. The class agreed for the period to be extended to two hours. Tomorrow's going to be cancelled. Urghh... I sat in the class for the next hour. It was boring. I spent most of the time daydreaming. Hehe... The room was cool (I'm talking about the temperature here) but for me it was cold. I should have had the morning shower. It would be less cold.

Anyway I was really glad the class was over. Time to get a nice shower. I didn't join my friends to the Cafe. I headed to the bathroom and spent some 20 minutes. S texted me. He was at the Cafe, he thought maybe we could spend some few minutes together. By the time I've done showering, he already left. (-_-) (sigh!) Maybe next time...

Time for the next class. It was boring. But OK. I felt sleepy. The hour passed. Time for the next class. We had quiz. At the beginning of the class? Wow... That was new to me. Most of the quizzes I had was done at the end of the class. I wasn't prepared, but I guess I had half of it correct. Hehe... No lecture today. Yay!

I was thinking of taking a nap but I didn't (sigh!) I felt throbbing pain in my head. Anyway, time for the 2 p.m. class. The class was long. I mean, longer than the usual. The lecturer often finish a class in half of the time provided (e.g.: two-hour class in one hour, one-hour class in half an hour) Anyway, the class ended. I had to wait for an hour before the Calculus class start. I met Charlie, we walked to the ATM to check our account balances. His was short some few hundred bucks. Hmm... I met Far at the ATM, she said the Calculus class was cancelled. I headed back to the Residence.

My headache is getting worse. I need some rest before tonight's Mandarin class.

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