Thursday, January 4, 2007

Life Has Just Begun

Well, today is quite a busy day. Classes have started. My day was packed. Morning classes, appointment with project supervisor, afternoon classes. Luckily some classes were kept short (shorter than they should) but ended up wasting my time for the next classes. Hmm...

Anyway, nothing much happened today. My supervisor asked me the progress of the project. I'm dead. I had none started yet. Hehe... :P Need to work that out. Scheduling some time on the project. Plus some other classes' projects. Hmm...

My timetable is going to be re-scheduled. That means no Friday late afternoon class. Yay! And one Monday class (the only one) is going to be re-scheduled too. Aww... :( that means I'll need to go to the Calculus tutorial class. Huhu~ (but I do need it badly!)

The assignment I thought should be submitted tomorrow is actually due on Monday. Yeah!!! And I have a partner on that too. But having a partner for that assignment doesn't excite me at all. Hey, I'm almost done with it! And I'm sure he's going to be a pain if he asks me what he needs to do. Whatever. I'm going to have mine finished just-in-case.

My beloved head-of-club (Queen of Clubs?) and I are going to work on the first meeting of the club. Yay! We're going to get some posters done. I hope more people (especially guys!) are going to sign up. The more, the merrier!

(Note: We need the boys not for our personal amusement, mind you! But if we do find some really amusing ones, it doesn't kill, does it?)

I have some out-of-zone (college) stuff listed too. I'll work on them later. I need to keep up with this now-and-here stuff first. And I don't have ka-ching to travel back home right now. So I guess they'll have to wait.

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