Saturday, January 6, 2007

Mixed Feelings

A lot of things happened. I need to catch my breath.

I woke up *almost* late in the morning (read previous post) and was rushing for the Calculus class. I didn't comb my hair. I lost my comb a few days earlier. Haha... That doesn't bother me much. My hair combed and uncombed look almost exactly the same. I've had many incidents where people thought my hair was a mess when I did take some time (just a few minutes) to comb my hair, but never actually said anything when I went about with my hair uncombed (after shower. I let my hair air-dried) The class ended early, but we stayed for the quiz. I hate quizzes. I didn't come prepared. And I'm never good in Maths. And surd. And conjugates. Arghh!!!

A few classes later, then it was lunchtime. Hehe... I was thinking of getting some few minutes of nap. Half an hour or so. I totally forgot about the case study that was given by the lecturer. We were supposed to discuss it in class. I did some quick reading and jotted down whatever I can understand. Haha...

The afternoon class went on normally. Except for one thing. The class ended 10 minutes later than it should be. OMG! I quickly headed to the next class. My classmates had puzzled look on their faces. Well, that class was the last for them. But I have to catch another class. And I was late! I bid quick goodbye to some, and dashed to the exit. I went to the class and guess what? Nobody was there! I waited for some few minutes, puzzled. But then I figured out - the class has been cancelled and nobody informed me. Urghh...!

The next stop was the office. I was thinking of meeting my Supervisor and tell him the problem I had. I don't think I can have the stuff he requested to be ready by Monday. Huhu~ But he wasn't available (sigh!)

Around 8 p.m. after I finished taking my shower I sent Charlie to the bus stop. He was going home. Without me. Huhu~ (-_-) He said the T-shirt I was wearing is too small. Huh? I did wear the same T-shirt in front of him a number of times. And he never said it is TOO SMALL. Small, yes. But too small? Huhu~ Looks like I'm getting fat I gained some few more a couple of pounds (noooooooooooo!!!)

Anyway there were three jerks loitering at the bus stop. Urghh! At first we ignored them but somehow I felt like they eavesdropped on us! And when Charlie boarded the bus, as I stood up and crossed the road I could hear some ugly noises calling me. Those jerks! I headed straight to my room and spent some few minutes in front of the computer before the Queen of Clubs (hehe...) came with some food. Yay! My dinner!

Nz dropped by for a while. He was with his friends. And he has to work tomorrow. Aww... But some funny stuff happened when we were waiting for him. A bunch of guys sitting at the table next to us asked if we have a lighter (it was for a girl's birthday candles) and later they jokingly asked us to sing a birthday song. To their surprise, we actually sang. The reward? Two fat slices of Secret Recipe's cheesecake. Yum!!!

Nz joined us. We ate the cake, chatted, joked around. It was fun (^_^) If only we don't have to part (sigh!) I missed SH a lot. We all do. Hmm...

Some 'social visit' happened in my room. Haha... That was a funny term. I borrowed it from the Residence's Rules and Regulations :P

Anyway, when the 'social visit' was over, I discussed the project with my partner in crime. I expressed my worries about the missing thesis our Supervisor lent to us. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention about the thesis.

Well, somebody borrowed the thesis from me 'for a while'. That was in last semester, a few weeks before the holiday. And the thesis was never to be seen again. I forgot who borrowed it, but I narrowed the Suspects to two. And I was positive on one than the other. So I asked Suspect #1 in class this morning, and she said it is not in her keeping. Uh-oh! I remembered positively the other Suspect didn't keep it (I went to her room to borrow a book and the thesis was not there). I panicked at the thought of losing the thesis (what the bl**p should I say to my Supervisor?!).

Guess what? My partner said she had a thesis with her, given by Suspect #1. She didn't remember who borrowed her copy of thesis, and thought the one given was the one borrowed from her. God! I am positive that that copy of thesis is mine. I just need to check some stuff in it to confirm it. What the bl**p was I doing, unnecessarily wasting my time panicking?! Haha... Now I feel a bit relieved. I don't know for sure if the copy is mine, but at least I know I was right about Suspect #1 did borrow something from me. And if she did borrow the thesis from me, fat chances are the copy is mine. It is not lost! Yay!

My *lalala...* should be home by midnight. I waited for some sign from him to indicate that he is available, but I got none. I texted him. He replied late. He arrived safely and went out with his friends before heading home. I am feeling very sleepy now. I did texted him some few more times but he didn't ask me to call him. Maybe he's too tired and doesn't want to receive any call. Well... Maybe next time. I'll call him tomorrow. (sigh!) He shouldn't asked me to call him the first place. At least I won't have to wait. Hmm...

I'm off to sleep. (-_-)zzZZ...

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