Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Me?

Hmm... I'm not so sure if this can ever be considered as a New Year's resolution. I said to myself I would study hard, but I know I'm just lying to myself and yes, it does make me feel bad (-_-)

Anyway, this is only the second week of the semester. My to-do list is building up. I'm sure by next week I'm going to be busy with a lot of stuff, academic and non-academic. So that means less time for my *lalala...* and time-wasting stuff. But I'm not going to lose myself into a world with very minimal human contact. Please! I've had enough of it in my childhood. Huhu~

Less time for my *lalala...*? Hmm... We're aware of that. He's going to busy too. We've had some sort of agreement. Both of us will be busy this semester. We need to concentrate on mostly academic-based stuff. Books. Papers. Tests. Reports. Arghh...! They're driving me insane. I concentrate on my stuff, he concentrates on his. And the reward is: getting to spend some day together this semester. Yay! I'm sooo excited! But he never actually promised me this. Maybe he'll be busy with some stuff (sports or anything) and so we'll never actually get the time to spend with each other. Hmm... Whatever. I'm working hard on my grades, I hope I can keep this positive vibe until the end of the semester. :P

My schedule is packed with a lot of stuff. My class time-table is more packed than everyone else in class. There are visible gaps if you were to see it. But hey, I have lots of projects queuing in my list. I hope I can still keep my composure and get through this sem in one piece. Haha... (I guess I should be thankful I skipped a 3-credits subject although I'll have to spend another sem taking it, or else I'll have to do a total of 20 credits this sem!)

My final year project is the biggest thing I have to concentrate on this sem. Huhu~ I can't bear making a lot of mistakes in this one. God, help me! As far as I know, I have some clues on what I'll be doing. I understand well how the things work, but am I able to actually put it to work? And can I have it done (completed, tested) before the time runs out? Huhu~ I'm scared (-_-) So far my project supervisor is being really nice and helpful (and yeah, the fact that he's a really cute 30-y/o doesn't hurt a bit. Hehe...) Hope everything is going to turn out fine.

Extracurricular activities? Well, I already have some tasks waiting to be done. The club I'm in is getting more new members. Yay! (^_^) We are soooo glad they want to join us. But that means more work and less time. Huhu~ I'll get through this. Plus, this club is a great way to channel out some energy. And it's a great place to mix with people too (^_^) I'll be more than glad to spend some few hours with these great people. I can't wait to meet the new members. Hope they're as crazy as we were last sem.

Sports? I'm not into sports. But paintball is an exception. I'm not going to miss another tournament. And hey, the club planned to do wall-climbing too! Yay! (^_^) X-games. Can they be considered as sports? Hmm... Anyway, I'm going to stick with this club and yeah, I'll try my best not to miss the activities. Ohhh...! I'm soooo excited!

Hmm... This post is short enough, but I guess it sums up pretty much what I have in my list. I'm going to be busy. Very busy.


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said... worries k?
we'll stick 2gether no matter what
u susa ke..senang ke..x ke..
y penting me ada tmnkan
apepun, aja aja fighting!!!
cheers 4 the new u!

~n0n0i~ said...

hmm.. know what..
i cried!!
juz sbb baca entry ni.. =(

sbb hari ni takde sgt kelas ptg.. so here I am at kmc.. berlegar2 kat blog sdiri..baca p'vious comment, click on ur profile..
and tadaa~~ i found this blog!
(today is my luck day, i reckon!)

what a history..
my tears rolling down at KMC..

aku dpt rasa cane rasanya tak bleh ada dekat ngan org yg kita syg sgt!! :(

sabar ek..
sama2 menuju kejayaan..