Thursday, January 4, 2007


Note: This is going to be a really short post.

Arghh!!! It's a nightmare! Somebody found out about this blog (and another one, my friend's) and caught us! We were planning to keep this a secret. First, from each other until the 10th entry. We didn't wait for the 10th. We gave each other's link so we can have a sneak peek but later we keep on reading each other's entries.

We tried to keep this a secret, until maybe someday later. A suggested date was our birthdays. Hehe... Seems like somebody spoiled the surprise! Well, now she doesn't have to keep hers a secret anymore. Me? I don't really mind now if anybody read mine. Haha...

On another note, my fav blog has new entry. Now with different adventures. I can't wait! Check it out: and go through the previous entries. You'll understand why I'm excited about every new entry now. (^_^)

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