Monday, January 8, 2007


What a busy day. I slept late last night. Night? I should say morning. Around 5.15 a.m. It was almost dawn! I had some hot choc right before I climbed up to bed.

I woke up late in the morning. I think it was around 9 a.m. Sleepy-headed me thought it was almost noon. I was supposed to attend the group meeting for our project at 11 a.m. Thinking I was already late I created excuses (halfway!) before I sank into the world of pillows and blanket (and teddies) again.


I woke up at 10.30 a.m. WHAT?! I AM LATE!!! I climbed down and hurriedly took my shower. My roomies left the lights on, confusing me (I hate figuring out what the time is when the lights are on in the morning!) and the fans! (Ohhh... I'm cold. Time to hibernate... Zzz...) I put on my clothes (T-shirt, jeans, socks) combed my hair, grabbed some few stuff and sprinted (it falls into sport/exercise category, isn't it?) for the Library. Quick check: 3 minutes late!

There was some few minutes of delay because we waited at the different sections of the Library. The discussion went OK. Everybody seemed to be grateful it ended on time. 1 hour. Looks like we're going to be fine if we stick to this kind of meeting. No late-comer that will drag the thing from 1 hour to 2. But then again this is only the beginning.

I had lunch. I ate like I had starved for days a lot. I munched on a lot of veggies (as usual!) I've had enough of jaw exercise, I guess. Luckily I didn't take any meat. Sometimes they taste like rubbers. That would require more chewing. Haha...

The class is at 4 p.m. It was only 1 p.m. so I spent my time doing nothing. Chatted with some friends for a while. Browsing for stuff on the net. Plain boring stuff. And then it was almost 4 p.m. Huhu~ what a great way of using my time. I need to have a daily schedule!

It was raining. I don't have an umbrella, and am not bothered to buy one. Or borrow one. It was just a shower anyway. So I walked in the rain (I love rain!) to class. I saw S walking to class with some friends. No umbrella. I felt sorry for him. He was recovering from the fever, and had to walk in the rain. But he looked cute though :P

The class went so-so. We were supposed to present on Software Quality Factors. A group stole accidentally took our topic, and so, we didn't have the stuff to present. God! The presenters of each group got a coupon, redeemable for some extra marks later (I NEED THAT STUFF!!!)

We had our first Quiz. Open book. But nobody is prepared. Not even the top-scorers. Well, his class is a nightmare for note-takers. We didn't have the chance to jot down anything. And he knows that well. He's nasty. And mean. Well, I guess we just have to work harder in his class... (sigh!)

The class ended. The shower hadn't. And here I am, in front of the computer, wasting my time. Haha... I don't feel like having dinner. Maybe I'll just grab some light stuff. We're going to have the club's first meeting tonight. I'm feeling excited (^_^)

My *lalala...*? I'm thinking of calling him tonight. I hope he's not too tired to pick up the phone and say "Hi".


~n0n0i~ said...

x dpt kupon en.sahli..
yea yea..!!

buTTerFLowEr said...

jahat laa noi!!!