Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine - Part 2

I woke up late. I rushed to the bathroom for my morning shower. It was 9.20 a.m. We planned to get out of the house at 10 a.m. I shouldn't have that extra minutes of sleep. Hmm... I finished my shower, dressed up in my black Schwarzenbach's Hers and a pair of blue jeans, I went downstairs and sat in front of the PC. I still had some few minutes before 10. Then I went to the kitchen. Dad left some breakfast on the table. I grabbed mine. I ate in front of the PC. Sometimes my fingers were dancing on the keyboard, sometimes my hand was shoving the meal into my mouth.

I remembered calling my *lalala...* saying I will be a bit late. I couldn't finish my breakfast before 10, but I didn't tell him that. I called him. No answer. Another few attempts, but still no answer. Then I received a message from him. He just woke up. I continued eating my breakfast, and spent some more time on the PC.

I went out at around 11. He just finished taking his bath. His injury made him took some time. By the time I hopped on the train, he was walking out of his house. We were supposed to meet at the Central before going to the LYP. He didn't plan a V. Day out with me. He only wanted to buy a new RAM for his notebook. He was in a tight budget. He had 512 MB in mind for the maximum price of $ 300. Me? I was supposed to help him in finding cheap RAM, coz I'm familiar with the LYP areas. Not a romantic way to spend the first V. Day together, huh?

He arrived at the Central at noon. We went to the LYP area. I remembered buying mine from a shop near the LYP, I decided to check the price at the shop first. My *lalala...*, on the other hand, decided to buy straight from the shop. His injury prevented him from walking long distance. Ouch! I need to keep that in mind.

The Guy at the counter was loud. He was the same talkative guy I knew from back then (was it a year ago or two?) when I bought mine. We asked for the price of the 512 MB. Then the price of the 1 GB. The price difference was little, and still within his budget. My *lalala...* decided to take the 1 GB piece. A Kingston 1 GB SO-DIMM DDR 333 (PC 2700). The exact same stuff cost me $ 500 back then per piece (I bought two) but my *lalala...* just need to shell out some $ 350 now. *sigh* Things are a hell lot cheaper now. And why must DDRI costs much more than the DDRII counterpart? Huhu~

The shop ran out of stock of the item we requested. The Guy went to the shop's other branch for the item but to no avail. He asked from some other shop too. They only had the 1 GB in some other brand. I offered to trade mine (a Kingston) with his (the one available was from Apacer), if he really wanted a Kingston, but he declined. He took the Apacer right away. It was a bit cheaper than a Kingston. He paid the price, the RAM propped in place, and we headed to the opposite Square to watch a movie.

We first went to the bookstore, Borders. Valentine's Day is his sister's birthday. What a surprise! He bought a book for her. I bought some Sudoku puzzles for myself. We went to the cinema, browsed through the screening lists and bought ourselves tickets. Blood and Chocolate. The promo cardboard cutout showed a girl with some wolves. The caption caught my attention. We planned to watch two movies but the evening shows start late, we will miss our trains home. We skipped the second movie.

We went up the elevator to the 10th floor, to the Food Court. It was around 2.30 p.m. The movie was at 4.45. He ordered some chicken with some rice. I ordered a bowl of Korean seafood ramyon (Korean version of Japanese ramen?) The food was pricey, but I guess mine was pretty OK at $ 7.50 (excluding tax) considering the average $ 12 per bowl at some Korean restaurant. But then again, yeah, pricey. The Korean restaurant would definitely make better dishes.

My cousin called at 3 p.m. I was supposed to meet him to pick something up. He asked me to meet him at the McD's in BB/SWP. I ate my ramyon and left my *lalala...* alone at the Food Court. He was talking on the phone with the GF (she called him on a V. Day while he was going out with me!) and he looked happy talking with her, there was no reason for me to wait. And I didn't want to keep my cousin waiting either. I left my *lalala...* before he could say anything. I walked to the elevator, I almost cried thinking about how happy they were together and how he will leave me for her. My phone vibrated. I received a text from him. "Walk safely." That was the least he could do for me.

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