Monday, February 26, 2007


I slept late, at 5.30 in the morning. That was the time my head hit the pillow. Some toss and turns later I fell into my slumber.

I had set the alarm on my cellphone at 9. I don't think it woke me up this morning. I remembered watching my Roomies standing in front of the mirror, making sure everything was alright before heading to class. I remembered reading some message I received. Promotional stuff. An operator logo. Pooh. I deleted the messages. Nothing from my *lalala...* this morning. *sigh!*

I woke up. The clock on my locker showed five minutes before 11. What?! I got 15 minutes to take a shower and go to class. The clock is 10 minutes earlier than the real time. Whew...

I almost stepped on Sakura, my friend, while climbing down the bed, rushing. She looked puzzled. Her class is at 12. I rushed to the shower. The door was closed. Cleaning in progress. Urghh!!! I went to the shower upstairs. Empty. Thank God! I took a quick shower and went downstairs to my room. My classmate for the 11 a.m. class was walking towards the exit. I asked her about the class. She said it was cancelled. Double urghh!!!

I opened the door, went into my room grumbling. I should have take a more proper shower. I was thinking of heading back to the shower. But, then again, nah... I'll take a shower somewhere in the noon anyway. The hot weather is killing me.

I wasted some time in front of the computer. Nothing much to do. The Internet sucked. Since a few days back. I mean, it always sucked, but not it got worse. I wish the Admins will do something about it. The College's re-branding should be more than just re-naming the College and changing the logo. The attitude and the services are the key elements needed to be revamped. The name will work its own way to fame later. But they are working things the other way around. Whatever.

The next class is at 4. I don't feel like anything now. My tummy asks to be fed. I'm going to grab something to eat.

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