Thursday, March 1, 2007


Queenie requested for a new post. I'm giving her TWO! Haha... OK, so the original post is only one, the other one is an entry I copy from my Myspace blog.

I last visited my blog when I posted Waste. I had some drafts yet to be finished. I'll finish them later. Last night when I was in Queenie's room, she asked me for updates on this blog. She said the Shoutbox had been active for the past few days, but no new entries for her to read.

Active? Well, I didn't expect anything like what I read just now. I mean, I left the blog for just a while and suddenly there are some shouts asking me about my boobs. And yes, I am actually surprised knowing that there are more than the familiars (people who read my blog are usually my friends in College, or somebody I talked to before). Now I need to guess who is who. Hmm...

Now, this is not new to me. I had people questioning since my first year here in this College. I never had such thing happened to me back then in School and in my Pre-U College. While these questions had somehow became tolerant (actually they had became just another things in life I had to endure, and eventually they became something so "normal" I ignore them). I didn't expect people will still be talking about them after three years! God! I'm not a new student, OK? And I have seen lots of other girls wearing more revealing things but were never questioned. Should I feel damn flattered or should I sit down and cry for this discriminated treatment?

Anyway, just to make these people satisfied (if they ever found this blog), here is my answer to some questions. Maybe someday I can put up a FAQ section answering questions about my boobies. Haha...

Q: Are they real/original/genuine?
A: Yes, they are. I don't have ka-ching to spend on costly silicone implants and doctors. Even if I have lots of moolah I will definitely spend them on other stuff: latest gadgets, phone (I need a new one!), food, slimming treatments...

Q: What size?
A: I won't answer that. Go figure out yourself.

Q: I'll buy you bras on your birthday.
A: Thank you. I appreciate that. Refer to the question above.

Q: Carrying them must be painful for you. They look heavy. May I?
A: I never noticed that. I had little problems doing it before. Plus, I often carry my backpack along, it must have helped distributing the weights evenly.

Q: I love your big boobs.
A: I don't. Hard for me to find shirts that fit me nicely.

Q: Your boyfriend is damn lucky. He must have fondled you lots of time, that is why your boobs are big.
A: No. I had no boyfriend until a few years back, but I had my boobs since high school. If there is a ghost who did it, then I didn't know about it. FYI, boobs are not going to get bigger when they are fondled. If they do, that is because the skin is stretched. The boobs will appear bigger, but they are not as firm as they should.

Q: Are you using any products? (usually asked by girls)
A: No, sorry. You will have to ask the genes I inherited.

Q: Your mom's and sister's? Are they big?
A: Sorry, you're asking the wrong side. It's not from my mom's side, it's from my dad.

Here I think I have answered common questions on my boobs. Drop me comments if there are more questions. I will answer according to my mood.

To my "panel doc", Damien, thanks for answering it for me. I appreciate that.
To "her *lalala...*", yes, when I am 40, they will sag. But please, not to my waist (that would be damn ugly). Maybe I'll get some products for them. Thanks for standing up to what I believe: big boobs are just temporary, I worth more than that.

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