Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I'm sure many are tired with stories on my relationship. It was always my *lalala...* lately. I'm pretty tired of it too... But this is where I let most of my feelings out. This is my channel. Sorry if you people thought I am shallow just because I write a lot on my relationship and problems.

I'm trying hard to write on other stuff. I had many things going on right now. I need to take one step at a time. I'm not feeling very well lately, so things are going to be a bit slow.

I munch on a lot of junkfood lately, I gained some few more pounds I guess. I look really chubby and round now. I guess people around me DO notice my changes. I need some genius to formulate some kind of slimming chocolate. *sigh*

My computer had been quite an annoyance since a virus infection (I still can't figure out how the bl**p the virus infected my computer) a few weeks ago. *sigh* I managed to delete the Virus manually but everytime I tried to access the drive an error message popped up saying the file (the Virus). The file was restricted to read-only. Hidden read-only. Urghh... That was bl**p annoying. Just now a brilliant idea hit my head and I, hoping for some luck, tried it. I used a Shredder to delete it, since any scan or search (with hidden files opted to be shown) failed to find it. I am lucky it worked. But I might need to have my computer rebooted to see whether the file really is gone for good.

I'm looking forward to more positive surprises. I need to forget things. And remember A WHOLE LOT more.

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