Thursday, March 22, 2007


Some people are mistaking my relationship with Nate. To those who are expecting more of us, I'm sorry. We are just friends. Close, maybe, but just friends. He's been treating me well. I admit that. But that doesn't mean that we are in a serious relationship now.

Maybe right now people are seeing "everything Nate" in me. "Let me ask Nate first." "Nate says he could take us out." "Nate is driving." "I'll ask Nate if he can help us out." "Nate is out to town. He asks if anyone wants anything." Things are pretty much like that now. The biggest event that made people think that we have something going on is when I attended the Dinner party. It was silly. I tried to join Queenie's dinner party but they have no seats left so I had to let it pass. But this Dinner party, Nate managed to get a seat for me. The same dress? Well, I happened to have the same dress his band mates were thinking of wearing, so I thought it would be fine wearing something similar. Maybe because we were late and I went into the hall with him, that made us looked like we really have something going on. I'm pretty sure they are forgetting ignoring the fact that Loey was with us that night, just to tease Nate. But if anybody ever ask, I will definitely say "Yes, I'm his date for tonight." Haha :P

If you missed my point, please refer to my previous post, What Happened to Us? I still am in the complicated relationship with my *lalala...*, and I'm not going to give up really soon. I'm glad I have friends to turn to when I'm dealing with this sticky situation.

A short public announcement:

Great news to single girls out there, Nate is single and available (yes, Nate, I am hereby advertising you to the world) and you can drop a message here in case you want to contact him. He probably will your message in the Shout Out section or right here, at the Comment. And if you're lucky enough he'll contact you. If he doesn't, I'll have him do that. Haha...

My personal description on him: He's a really nice guy who can easily melt girls' heart if only he knows how. (Tsk tsk... We'll need a reinforcement to make that happens. Or a miracle!) He's a great guy (nothing about his size OK?) who often helps his friends in any way he could (Nate, please don't tell me you're doing that only to girls, or to me!) He's a guy you can share your laugh with. You can be really silly in front of him and he will not laugh in front of you (but I know he often tries his hard not to laugh in front of me when I do silly things because he is being polite, but then he'll tease me about it later. Grr...) He's a guy who often gives compliments, so if you're his girlfriend you'll be very lucky, compared to girls who seldom receive compliments from their partners (Yours Truly included). He's a responsible guy. Well, he is expected to be one. I'm not going to mention on how much ka-ching he has in his bank accounts. I'm not, because I don't know anything about his bank accounts. And the fact that he is pretty sick of people saying anything about his wealth. My *lalala...* and I almost had this stupid fight when he said how good life is being rich like Nate, and how he (my *lalala...*) couldn't afford to pay for everything when we go out, unlike Nate who can easily pay for everything and I'll be better off with Nate. (God! Money isn't everything you silly! I don't expect anybody to pay for my stuff.) Did I mention about his ride? It's really cool and he often offers his buddies a ride to town or to anywhere they want to go. (I hate the fact that I will have to sit in front if there is no other guy tagging along, or there are too much guys tagging along, they'll sit at the back. Protocol, like Loey said, and I do understand it well, but I hate seatbelt!)

To Nate, sorry I'm playing Cupid here. But you sure have to give yourself a go. Get a girlfriend (I know everybody has been giving you some sort of nudge on this and you are pretty tired of it). But I hope if you ever find a girl of your dreams and she has become your girlfriend, she won't ask you to desert our friendship (I know how girls can be really jealous over girl-boy friendship of their significant other). Cheers to what we have now. (^_^)

To people who are expecting more of us, here's my say. You can wish for things to happen between us (just friends, more than friends, friends no more, whatever you wish for), but Time and Fate will decide. And I still have my *lalala...* so things are not easy as you think they are. I can't say a definite "Yes" or a definite "No" coz I often stuck in an unexpected situation in which I have to bow down and eat my words. God! I hate that! Wish me well, I truly appreciate it! (^_^)

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