Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I read a shout this morning. Somebody mentioned about this blog being too personal. This is a personal blog, but it is TOO personal for some people as I posted a lot on my relationship with my *lalala...* lately. The person mentioned said all I wanted to do is not write a blog but actually tell people how things are going between me and him, and the GF.

True, I noticed that too. So true, I even mentioned on being sick of writing things about us. Yup. Read that particular post again. It was the first thing I mentioned. Then why do you still write about it? I heard some invisible voice saying to me. Well, this is my blog, where I share what I want to share. Nobody is obliged to read anything. Some people will think it really is just a drama I created to get people's sympathy. Maybe. Sometimes we need some dramas in our lives. Not everybody have the guts of living a drama. Most people prefer just to be a spectator, rather than being in the drama itself. And most will say, "If it was me in that place, I'll..."

The things between us also made me look really shallow. I noticed that too. But this blog really is for Queenie's reading pleasure. She knows how shallow I am, how childish I am, and how, if I want to, mature I am.

I don't write on politics, I'm truly sorry about that. Politics is not my game. But, if given a topic, and asked for opinions, I will try my best to say what I want to say, generally. Politics, for me, is just another word game. You find the right words to say what you feel about things going on around you. That is how politics works. That is how debates start. That is how you gain people around you. Pro-? Anti-? It is all about playing with your words.

I don't follow my Country's political scene (read: political parties or anything related with them) much. The politics here is too dirty to my liking. There is always people with money, who can make things happens, but don't want anything to happen, and people who want things to happen, but don't have the money to make them happens. That is not a fair game, and I don't like that. But then again, that's politics.

I prefer discussing things generally. I love good arguments, with people who can take win and lose equally, and especially love people who win but decided to lose if I start to act weird. Haha :P But seriously, I love good arguments. I am sorry I am not born a debater, or ever taught/learned to be one. But intellectual talks and discussions will get my attention. I am not saying that I am intelligent, above-all-minions and greater-than-thou, but intellectual discussion is actually pleasant to my ears and mind. But never ever weave dirty politics into intellectual discussions. I hate that. Be fair. Even if you're a pro- or anti- whichever political parties.

God! I guess this entry has diverted from it's actual purpose. Hell, I will need to make another post to continue discussing on that topic. Hereby, I, buTTerFLowEr, invite you, reader of this personal blog, to give me topics on which, after I have posted them, we can continue debating either at the Comment or the Shout Out.

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quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

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