Thursday, March 29, 2007

What the Bl**p?

Tonight, as I sit at the Cafe, waiting for my meal to be prepared, with Queenie and Sakura at the table and Miss President at the table next to us, a very disheartening news for our Club, the SH. The guy who worked for the College's Arts & Cultural Unit replied our SMS late. It was not the late reply that made us mad. It was the content of his SMS.

We, the Club members have been spending our precious time for our beloved Club. We love singing. We love the Club, spending some precious studying (or lazing) hours practicing the new Anthem seems like nothing compared to the satisfaction (accompanied by maybe some frustration) gained. We love what we are doing. And we worked hard on getting the team ready for the Day.

What day? Well, on the 1st of April the College is going to have an official launch of its new name and logo. The re-branding thingy mentioned before. We were supposed to sing at the event, together with the Staff (they have their own choir group). The event will take place at the J. W. Marriott Hotel. We were excited when we were told that. I guess everybody was looking towards the event, as it will be considered as the College's historical day. Who doesn't want to be in the College's once-in-a-lifetime history? It's a one-time event. Be in it and you'll be proud of yourself. And being in a prestigious place? That it totally awesome.

But we are facing with a very BIG problem. The Big People of the College is indecisive. The date is getting near and the Anthem is not yet confirmed. God! We only have a few days to get everything prepared! We were damn positive the Staff will, at the very last minute, cancel their plan to sing and leave everything to us, the Students. We had already gathered every eligible members to join, in case such thing really happened. We managed to gather more people that we were expected to (they requested for 10, but we managed to get 17 confirmed members to join, just in case). Some people from the Orchestra helped us out during our practices. They were also preparing themselves for the Day.

Anyway, back to the SMS we received. We sent the SMS to the guy at around 5.30 p.m. He replied at 10.17 p.m. That was late, considering the technology we are using now. Hmm... Anyway, he told us (Yours Truly and Queenie) that the plan of getting us, the SH, to sing is no longer valid. In simple words - WE ARE DUMPED! THE ANTHEM SINGING PART IS CANCELLED!!!!

Yes, I feel like screaming. Queenie actually did at the Cafe. She was somewhat furious over the message. I understand her feelings. After what we had done. The practices. The time wasted. I would be very disappointed too...

It was not his fault. He was only delivering the information. But we somehow let our fury to him. Poor guy, but then again, he deserves something like that because everytime we ask him stuff, he only answers "I don't know." Grr...

The Big People of the College decided not to have Choir team (it doesn't matter now if it is an all-Staff team or an all-Student team or the mix of both) singing the Anthem at the event. What? I thought an official event like that should include the College Anthem since we DO have an Anthem now, but is not yet decided which one is the correct and approved version (yes, we have two actually!) and the National Anthem and the State Anthem. What a waste!

Anyway, we are actually expecting an even more surprising news by the Big People later. Based on our calculations, we expected the Big People will, at the very very last minute will take back their words (on cancelling the Anthem singing by the Choir team) and pick us, the SH, to sing at the event.

Queenie had made up her mind. We, the SH will not tolerate such a ridiculous request (read: order) should the matter arises. But I will, given that we are getting some kind of compensation (read: payment! We need the money!!!) for having to go through lots of trouble for it. Hehe... *nasty smile*

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