Thursday, March 8, 2007


I am currently working on a new site (I think it still can be considered as blogging). We are still very new to it. We are still working on the contents. It will not be in 100% English. I am looking forward to write things not in English. I think it's going to be pretty challenging for me. I mean, how can I express the bl**pings then? Haha :D But the site is not intended for bl**pings. We'll try our best in putting good contents in it. ENDLESS STORY.

No new posts? Well, I'm working on finishing some drafts. Personal posts? Yes, there will be some personal posts coming. When? I'm not really sure when will I have the mood to finish them, but I'm trying my hardest.
p( ' - ' )q Gambatte!

I am sorry if lately it seems like I ran out of ideas. I read other blogs and write posts based on the things I read. Well, if originality is expected, I am truly sorry. But I guess discussing on the same matter through different perspective is OK, don't you think? BTW, I am going to write on College Re-branding. I was thinking of doing it earlier when I saw the titles of a Debate Competition here in my College, but Queenie beats me at it. She has good points (well, she's a Debater anyway) and I wrote a very long comment to her entry, but I accidentally clicked 'Cancel' instead of 'Post', so I thought putting a short comment on hers and make it as an entry in mine would be OK.

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