Saturday, March 24, 2007

How It Started - Food Pictures on Endless Story

I posted this on Endless Story, the Feast section. Anyway, I guess I am just not used to writing in my language. Sorry Kid! I know you really want me to write things not in English. Maybe I'm just used to expressing things in English. Yeah, sometimes we can't get the right words for the feelings, but then again it's simpler in English. Thanks Nate, for being cool about it.

How It Started

We have friends who have a blog, PerutBesi, on mostly food. There are occasional posts on things not related to food, but most of the posts are on food (with pictures!)

We have no intention of competing with the PerutBesi on food. We just happened to be inspired by them, taking food pictures as we go out to eat. It is really fun.

The first attempt is taking pictures of food when we went out to TC. It turned out pretty good, we actually fell in love with food photos! We took the "after" pictures, but I didn't realise that it was as fun as taking the "before" pictures. It was not until some picture-taking trips I realised I have fallen in love with the "after" pictures too. We even joked on playing a guessing game. Guess what the dish was before it became the "after" picture?

Amateurs, indeed. We try our best to make the food looks very good in the pictures. We usually have multiple shots taken per food, changing the modes of the camera to get the best one. It is hard to take the pictures especially when the place uses yellow light bulbs to light the place. And it is also hard for us to take pictures when there are many people staring at us, being interrupted by the flash of the camera (the little camera has very powerful flash, it blinds! Haha! Sorry for the lame joke!)

Anyway, it has become an activity we enjoy doing. We order different items from the menu and have a taste at everything. It is fun! And we don't need to have any reason to grab the camera and take pictures! Who said the dinner has to be special? And i mean dinner, the evening meal, and not Dinner, the dinner party with round table for ten and silverwares and folded napkins.

Youth is too short to be wasted. We are stepping towards the end of our crazy moments into the serious adulthood. Taking pictures bring no harm to anybody. We are going to continue taking food pictures, as well as silly pictures of us.


perutbesi said...

yeah! once you get started, you can't stop. At first we kinda afraid of taking food photos as people will stare at us as if we were some kind of barbarian coming out from duno which cave :) There are times when we need to ask permission from the waitress first coz we kena 'sound' once. That particular waitress said that we can't take photo of their food. Is against the law, scare ppl copy cat their foods..yadah yadah. But after a while, we just ignore the stares/warning and get hooked! Have fun! :)

buTTerFLowEr said...

haha... so true. they thought we were some kind of spy or something (God! I don't think companies here hire Mysterious Shoppers just to steal their ideas) they should be aware that they are actually selling the very same stuff like the stall next door. haha :D

we took pix at shopping mall also (kena sound with guard) duh! but it was fun. like having a catalogue of stuff you can't always buy. haha