Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Newsflash

I have been working on some drafts. Some are now posted. Some are still pending. You'll need to dig into the Archives for the posts. I noticed some small mistakes in my previous posts. I fixed that too. It will take some time to go through every post and correct the little mistakes. I'll leave that to Time. If I come across any, I will definitely have it fixed.

My computer is not in it's top condition right now. I need to do more clean-ups more often. There are junks to get rid of, and space to recover. I need to give this machine a break. Luckily there are no big projects to be completed immediately, or my computer will definitely break down. Huhu~

I haven't spend any time on Endless Story. I will work on it when I have the time. Sorry, Miss President!

I can't guarantee any new posts for the time being. I will write if I have stuff to write about. The Club practice is tomorrow night. I might have some stuff to post here. And maybe some articles from the newspaper. Or anything. I will try my best to post more.

Gambatte ne!!! p(^_^)q

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