Thursday, March 1, 2007


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Sunday, July 02, 2006


what's so great about the boobie pics? i mean like u don't have other pics to put as ur main pic? or in ur gallery?

i'm not really against flaunting ur assets to get attentions from people (especially straight guys) but ur more than a bimbo with the tits right? show what ur worth...

for those who have great body (supermodel is a no-no. they're stick-thin!) great coz u made me feel jealous. but only if it's not against ur culture. any blonde/redhead/brunette or even pink/blue/green-coloured hair can have my "wow..." AS LONG AS UR NOT A MUSLIM MALAY for God's sake!!! ur just disgracing urself. makes me feel oh-so-low (pointing at myself, not u ok, so don't be mad) bcoz people like u had in some way dragged people like me along to be placed among u.

look, if ur going to do some asset-flaunting (tits, pussy, ass... whatever u wish to flaunt that is not appropriate to be done in front of a minor) please do it in private. get a photo gallery and link it. u can even have private parties where u can invite everybody n say "hey let's take a peek at my boobies" n please make sure everybody is not a minor. take naked photos or sex vids for all i care but keep it private. if ur showing them urs just to get a long list of friends maybe i should recommend u a whore train. u add people, people add u. NO TITS NEEDED.

in short, ur making urself cheap, u make people look at you n say "cheap", u make other people look cheap too (u should really learn about "stereotyping" n how u can really affect other people's life) have some respect on others, PLEASE!!!

i'm not saying i'm a miss-goody-two-shoes who sits perfectly on an imaginary throne where i can just point to a person n say "ur a sinner bcoz u blah blah blah" bcoz i'm not. i'm a sinner too. i just don't want people to label other girls as cheap just bcoz some of u show how cute ur boobies r instead of how cute ur face. doesn't it feel degrading when people talk to u their eyes r on ur boobies, as if ur face is down there, u have ur eyes on ur boobs instead of ur face n u make eye contacts with the eyes on ur boobs.

also, to those ignorants who refuse to learn english and singing sex-flavoured songs (yes u, the busty girl who sings PussyCat Dolls' Beep, n u, the straight girl singing T.A.T.U's All The Things She Said, n u, the guys singing oh-so-many songs with sex described in different ways) just stop shooting back the "what?!" look and just accept the stares. u chose to sing the songs in public. if people who understand the lyrics well stares at u with "the look" u should know it really is ur fault for singing such songs. don't go "what r they staring at? am i not normal?" bcoz u URSELF r INVITING the stares.

so... about the boobie pics. please!!! girls, if u love people staring at ur boobies while they're talking in person with u (face-to-boobs talks) just go ahead, put the pics on. they shouldn't know about ur brain (that lies somewhere way above the boobies, too far away people often missed it) or ur face. come to think of it, why does God created the brain to sit on top? i'll put it on another post.

to those who feel offended with this post n thinking of putting "u said that bcoz ur jealous our boobies r prettier than urs, we r proud owners of 34C/36B while ur just a flat-chested kiddo who barely needs a bra/needs a bra so u could stuff all the paper tissues u can find to make them look bigger coz u cannot afford a cosmetic surgery" as a starting point of ur comment, sorry to disappoint u. ur out of my league, babe.

quick! post all ur hate comments now!!!

p/s - i've came across some profiles with great tits n no faces. what? ur that ugly u need to put ur boobies online just to get a cyber boyfriend to cyberfuck u? oh-so-pathetic...

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