Monday, March 19, 2007

Say Hello to the New Us!!!

Yeah!!! The College is going to have a new name, a new image. We are no longer just a college student. But I prefer being a College student anytime. Haha... New everything? Not really. We still have the same Big People running the College. The rules are changing, being more ridiculous than ever! Same old mindset. Same old management. Same old management issues. We need a HUGE change in that!!!

Anyway, I'm not going to rant about the management now. I'm going to talk about the CLUB!!! Yeah! I'm so excited now the Club will be back to the active track really soon. We are going to have practices and lots of fun together.

Some of us have attended the first College's Anthem practice. I mean, the NEW College's Anthem. Ermm... Actually I'm not sure whether we can call it anthem, but I checked with Brian, that's the closest word we came up with in mind. Anyway, the new song is still a lot like the old one. A few words are modified, but the song is different now. I faced some troubles getting the correct song. Most of us did, because we are used to the old one.

We sang the Anthem last night at the BBQ party last night, organized by the Big Club (we are just a sub), and I guess we are ready for the Club's practice. It sounded great last night, we had no problem singing the new one in front of the rest. I'm not talking about the newbies. Only a handful of us came to the first practice so not everybody, including Queenie, knows the Anthem. Luckily I recorded the practice session, just in case the new Anthem is far different from the old Anthem. The recording was very helpful.

The new Anthem is written by the very same Coach we used to know. He was there, right in front of us (the small bunch of us) at the first practice. He is still very much the same like the First Assembly of the Club used to know. The practice session was still the same stuff we learned a year ago. I bet the First Assembly members can still recall how things were like last year, what bring us closer within a very short time.

We are getting a new Coach next semester. We need a Coach who is close to the College and can come on regular basis. Our First Coach resides in another state, we only had a few practice sessions with him before the biggest event last year, the Graduation Day. I guess we were lucky, we turned out performing well during the Graduation Day. But I guess we were too tired for the next day's performance at the Mall, for the Expo. I hope we can beat that this time. Proper training for everyone. Yeah!!!

I am still so excited about this comeback of the Club. We are going to be the best Club ever!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention about the big event coming on 1st of April. We are going to perform again! In front of the Public! Yeah!!! I sure hope I will be selected to join it. Joining big, official, important events are great!(^_^)

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