Sunday, March 4, 2007

Annoying Anonymous

I am actually pretty tired with some bl**p bozos who shouted at the Shout Out! on stupid, annoying things. OK, stupid, annoying things are acceptable. I am open to lots of stuff. But using somebody else's name for inappropriate use, that is not acceptable. Especially when I know the person personally!

OK, maybe I don't know people that personally, but impersonating someone I can sit and talk with is annoying. I mean, look, if the person has any question (especially the one considered as inappropriate in the public), the questions will be directly asked to me privately. So, you, the Impersonator, are a total BL**P BOZO, if you know what I mean.

I can take stupid, annoying questions. I've had way too many questions asked in the past. Some are more annoying than what is asked here. But I prefer the Impersonator to use some other name or just plain Anonymous. Please stop pretending. Anyone.

I identify people through the Shout Out! Since most of the people who shout ed are in my circle of friends, I can safely assume this blog is private. I don't want to resort to deleting it just because I am pissed off with some bl**p bozos.

I can set the blog as private, but no, I won't do that. People came to this blog because they are somehow linked with me, my circle of friends. If I set this blog as private earlier, the only reader would be Queenie. The number grows, and these new visitors usually drop a shout at the Shout Out! That is why the Shout Out! is important to me.

So, to any Anonymous out there, you are invited to shout just about anything, but please do so with a proper name. Please do not pretend as somebody else. I appreciate your co-operation.

There. I've had it out.

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