Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Role Play

The Mandarin class today was a mess. We had a test where we were required to create some dialogues based on lessons we have learned throughout the class. Learning Mandarin. That was the title I got for this task. We were given a week to create the dialogues and practice with our partners.

I am always a late-doer. After searching for some lines to be spoken in front of the class, I had some short practice. God! It was tiring. I tried really hard, I thought I had memorised the lines pretty well.

Then, when I was in the class, everything changed. I went totally blank. I hate the fact that no matter how well-prepared I am, I often had problems with tests. Or quizzes. Or anything that gives me some kind of pressure. Everything I had prepared will just vanish into thin air, leaving me totally dumb. I guess I need some kind of training on handling nervousness.

I'm not sure if all the activities done right before the role play started was

Like the previous speaking test where we were required to prepare sentences (individually), this time was also a disaster. I forgot all the lines I had memorised earlier (I did try my best, you can ask my Roomies where, on both occasions, I put on my headphones and said the words out loud like I was chanting some Mantra). I had to refer to the text in my hand. Arghh!!! It was bl**p frustrating.

Anyway, things went so-so for me. I noticed how terrible I was in front, compared to the rest of the class. Never mind. It was a past already. It can't be changed. At least I don't have to think about it again. Ever.

The class ended. We were expected to complete our coursework and study for the coming test. I just hope the marks on the speaking test and the role play and all the coursework and tests (other than speaking) are good enough for me to pass the subject. Haha...

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