Sunday, March 25, 2007


Hell, we're busted! I texted my *lalala...* with the usual sweet name at some reasonable messaging time (dude, my mind is messed up, and so are my words!) Anyway, if any of my words makes any sense, here's what. The GF found out about us! What do I feel about it? I dunno. I wasn't scared or worried. I was in fact relieved, because we no longer have to worry about her finding out about us.

I didn't expect him to pick her up at that time. I guess what he meant was he picked her up from the Airport. And he let her read his phone messages! Dude, I never went through his messages, not even once! Eventhough on many occasions I had seen many names that raise up my level of jealousy and curiosity. I just keep them all inside, pretending like he has no other girls except for me. Even after I found out that they had this lovey-dovey flame back on track. Dude! Please have some respect on his privacy! But when I asked him he just said "I let her," and nothing more. He loves him so much, he doesn't want me to blame her on anything. And he could always ask me to leave him and go for another guy. Does he have to do that to me? Always? *sigh*

Anyway, I guess she is somehow in some kind of rage now. I mean, I was the one who actually begged her to apologise to him and forget the whole stupid break-up thing and just be happy like they used to. She refused. Her ego was too big she was actually expecting him to beg her as if it was his fault! Stupid bl**p!

I was expecting my cellphone's inbox to be full of assaults and insults (they rhymed well, don't you think?) or maybe some accusation of me being bl**py. Or a devil who pretended to be all nice but are actually the one who is breaking them up! Whatever. I am going to keep quiet for as long as I can. I'm not scared of her. I'm not going to cower when she attacks me (try me, verbally or physically!) My cellphone is not going to bother me right at this moment. I guess I have some sort of Angel with me, who made me accidentally left my phone in Mo's car. Haha... He'll drop by tonight to return it. Until then, nobody's going to bother me with silly messages. Haha :D Sweet...

If she ever has the guts to attack me in the phone saying I'm stealing her boyfriend, I will make things clear for her. She broke up with him and I did try hard to put things back together in which she continuously refuses my offer to be the one who can help in fixing things up. I was their in-betweener. She bragged about having some other guys on tow, she could just pick one or the other at any time. Then when I had securely have my place beside him (he made the move, OK? He even asked me if I noticed the difference in the way he treated me. Yes I noticed but I pretended for a few while not noticing, just to be safe), she came back and claimed her place and now is the Queen of his heart again and she has the rights to say I'm guilty? No way! She is the one who is stealing from me. And I even kept the messages from him saying that he doesn't want me to leave him. I gave him options, and he had chosen to keep me. It wasn't my fault she was no longer the Only One. She should either back off or thank me for sharing. (Haha... Now the selfish me really want her to back off or thank me, or both!) Who says I'm all sweet and nice? Hang around me often, and you'll know not to mess up with me, OK dear GF? Just keep things quiet and none of us will have to leave this relationship, hurting one another or anything. I'm lost of words now, but you understand well, I guess.

I'm going to sleep now. I am waiting for his explanation on this, but it seems like he doesn't want to respond to any of my messages. He needs a break. WE need a break.

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