Friday, March 2, 2007

Freedom - Part 1

I read about a College guy's blog being commented by someone who claimed herself a College Staff. Maybe it was just a prank, maybe she is real. Who knows?

The guy owned a harmless blog where he posts things he feels like posting. The College is far from the town, not everybody have the time to go out and then write things about what they see in town. The guy posted about things in College. Unpleasant things. His entries are not for heavy readings. Just a channel for him to express things. Well, I see it that way. But the one who claimed to be the Staff said his post was inappropriate. Why? Because he posted his dissatisfaction towards the College's system in his blog?

The Big People should not have any kind of fear of what Little People like us (the Students). We have no power of gathering people and holding demonstration on the College's ground, calling the News People and make the Big People look bad on TV and papers. We are just some people writing stuff on the net anonymously for self entertainment.

If the Big People somehow feel threatened by the Little People, maybe it's time for them to get things pointed by the Little People into their consideration. Little People say what Little People see. And there are so many Little People out there, so there must be some truth somewhere. And when some Little People share their views with the public, the Big People should see this as an opportunity of seeing things the Little People's way. Big People help Little People, Little People feel happy, Little People stand up to Big People. That is no rocket science.

But if the Big People don't want to make help the Little People and make them happy, they shouldn't bar the Little People to let the emotions out! But most Big People love playing the Evil Nanny. They want to shut the Little People up completely. Have you ever been scolded by your nanny/parents/guardians they made you want to cry? And when you started sobbing they scold you again for crying? They want to make you fear them. But do you really fear them? At some point the fear actually turned into disgust and hate, you might even cursed at them. (Note: Don't do this to your parents, but I know most of us accidentally did!) Can you imagine a world where you cannot express your happiness, hate and fear? Can you imagine a world where people are not allowed to speak up?

If people are not allowed to have ideas we will still be living in a flat world.

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