Friday, April 6, 2007

Instant Noodles

I watched with fascination as my Roomie pulled out a cup of instant noodle from her locker. She unwrapped the clear plastic and started peeling the foil that was covering the white-and-blue cup. She emptied the content of the small sachets in the cup. She went out for a moment. When she came back, the cup was filled with hot water. That was her lunch for today.

What she was doing is not what attracted my attention. I looked back at the . Such view is nothing new. It is almost the end of the semester anyway.

The end of the semester is when a lot of us, Students, ran out of money. Most of us will resort to eating instant noodles to get through the penniless days. Some will borrow from others, but most prefer finishing the semester debt-free. Those who are lucky get money from Mommy and Daddy Dearie.

I pondered for a moment of what I just saw. Instant noodles are common sight at the end of the semester. We, Students, already know instant noodles are not good for us. We've heard enough of MSGs and artificial preservatives and flavourings and not to forget the fat and sodium content of instant noodles.

I took a deep breath. My Roomie ate a cup of instant noodle for lunch. I'm not really sure what made her did that. Money? Time? I realised how I often watch my Roomies eat cups of noodles lately.

They spend a lot of time studying. And then they eat the brain-damaging cup noodles. What the bl**p is that for? I truly understand the situation of not having enough money to eat. But that is not a wise thing to do, no matter how desperate you are.

I am not saying that I am better than everybody because I don't eat instant noodles. I am no better. In fact, I am worse than everybody I know. I am known as a girl who can't live without instant noodles. I often stocked my locker with various types and flavours of instant noodles. I am not myself without instant noodles. Even my Dad knows that I will make a large fuss not having my shopping cart full of noodles, he actually asks me if my noodle stock is enough everytime I come home. I am soooooooo used to eating instant noodles, they actually became one of my staple food.

So shut up.

No. What I am trying to say is people who are not really used to eating instant noodles, like my Roomies when they have money, should not eat instant noodles on regular basis. Especially not when you are sitting for an exam. Even regular eaters should reduce their intake (Yours Truly excluded. I can eat as much as I want, and my Dad knows that).

So we should just starve?

Who says so? What I'm stressing here is the time of intake. Why don't you just save up some money so you can actually eat real food when The End comes? I've seen lots of people buying unnecessary stuff when they still have money in the banks. I am like that too. Save up. You need the food more than I do. No instant noodle diets when The End shows up!

So we could not buy the shirt we had our eyes on since last month?

No. I do that a lot lately.

No instant noodle at all?

Well, if you really have the crave for instant noodles, treat yourself once in a while. It's cheap. And it won't kill you.

So no instant noodle at the end of the semester even if you don't have anything to eat?

Well... You still need to eat something. But make sure it is healthy.

What are you trying to say here?

Here's what I had in mind. If you often eat healthy, nutricious, real food at the beginning of the semester, why not eat instant noodles at the beginning too? I'm not saying that you need to eat lots of instant noodles just so you can have good food to eat later. Yes, I understand most of you don't eat instant noodles until they are *ehem* broke. When you have the money you can eat just about anything you have in mind. True. So true. But should you neglect your brain and body at the end of the semester just because you no longer have the money?

Save up for later. Eat the noodles early.

Here's my logic. When you eat the noodles at the beginning of the semester once in a while (or maybe at higher frequency), yes, your brain cells will still get the damage. Who says it won't do you harm? But here's what. You can still eat real food in-between your noodle intakes because you still have money. You can still give your body and brain some time to repair the damages because you still can eat real food.

And then later at the end of the semester when you have saved enough money you can have good food for the brain. Look, you're going to use the brain to cram the facts and equations and formulas and what-nots. Haha :P Seriously, you need to keep the brain in the healthiest state possible. Plus, the noodles are not enough to keep the body doing its job. You need the energy. You need to eat right at this point.

Eating noodles at the end of the semester, damaging the brain and body when you are very near to the biggest event of your life. The FINAL EXAM. What's the point of lighting the midnight oil, cramming everything into your brain and then having most of them wiped out by some cups of noodles? Get real! And get real food!!!

Hmm... I'm not sure if I'm done here. I'm going back to my dormant state of nothingness. I'm going to stare at the ceiling. Again. *sigh*

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-langkahbaru- said...

kau same dgn aku la shah. mkn instant noodle sebab minat :p
but not regularly la...bila rindu je.